PlayStation 5: Thoughts On Its Potential Release, Specs, And Price [Opinion]

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The PlayStation 5 existence is for sure. It is probably in some form right now, waiting to hit the shelves anytime soon. But the question is when will it be released and what games will it support? In this article, I have gathered recent information and rumors about the console. Further, based on these concepts and ideas, I have speculated about the capabilities and possibilities of the coming PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 Release Date

According to industry analyst Michael Pachter, the PS5 release date could be as soon as 2020. Pachter initially predicted its release by 2019, but it was later then revised.

This may be a speculation, but it is always interesting to hear what long-time industry analysts and experts have to say. The author personally predicts that the console will be available at the market in 2020 based on Sony’s current position in the market.

Also, PS5 will likely liberate in the fourth quarter of 2020. Sony has released all of its consoles in the final quarter of the year, bar the original PlayStation in North America and Europe.

When Will The PS5 Be Unveiled?

Assuming that PS5 release date is in 2020, Sony will likely reveal the console not earlier that E3 2019. However, there might be leaks about what Sony is planning for the PS5 following GDC towards the end of March 2018.

What Games Could The PlayStation 5 Launch With?

Regarding what games the theoretical PS5 could launch with, we’ve got to look reasonably far into the future. When thinking about games that are still at least a year away from eventually starting, Death Stranding and The Last of Us: Part 2 immediately come to mind.

The Last of Us initially launched on the PlayStation 3 months before the release of PS4. They may do the same in the version of PS5. Additionally, a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn might happen in 2020. Another game might be Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima, which was revealed at PSX in December 2017. For the more obvious candidates would be FIFA 21, a new CoD game, a Lego game, and a couple of new entries in franchises that have released last 2017.

PlayStation 5 Release Date
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How Much Could The PlayStation 5’s Cost?

For an educated guess as to what the PlayStation 5 could realistically cost when it inevitably releases, you’d have to look at the past Sony console releases. The PlayStation 4 first launched at a price point of $399 back in 2014, and while the PlayStation 4 Slim later began in 2016 at the reduced price point of $299, the more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro launched at the same price as the original PS4, $399. Given the costs of the PS consoles, PS5 would be around $399.

How Powerful Will The PS5 Be?

Everyone would be pretty shocked if Sony didn’t exceed the power of the Xbox One X, which currently boasts six teraflops. While you might think this will push the price up beyond that $399 we mentioned, we are talking about a machine that’s probably two to three years away from release. At the end of 2020, 8-10TF should easily be doable at that price point.

Realistically, the PlayStation 5 will also include a more capable CPU as well as more memory as standard, and this should equate to higher potential frame rates for most games (Bungie cited poor CPU in the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X for lack of 60FPS) and better quality textures.

Outside of power, it’s virtually guaranteed that Sony will pull off something new and exciting with the controller for the PlayStation 5. While we have no idea as to what this could theoretically be, Sony does have a track record, examples of which being the controller speaker for the Dualshock 4 and the motion controls in the PS3’s Sixaxis.

There’s also the matter of the Switch to consider. Nintendo has had great success with its home console/handheld hybrid, and Sony is no doubt keeping a close eye on this. Will Sony try to get a piece of that hybrid pie (it has already attempted it slightly with PS4 Remote Play) or continue down the hardcore home console route without deviating? The details that leak out in the coming months and year are going to be extremely interesting.