Debunking NASA’s Fake Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory, Why The Moon Bombing Was So Controversial [Opinion]

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There have been numerous conspiracy theories about NASA’s moon missions. One tries to illustrate the point that man has never been on the moon, and it was all a “big budget” movie. Of course, this is an interesting hypothesis considering that man has not been on the moon again for over 40 years, and even considering today’s advancements in technology, it is still an incredible feat.

In trying to debunk this, it is important to point out that trying to fake a moon landing would have been a very risky endeavor for the U.S. government. First is because there is the inherent risk of someone, coming up a few years later to “reveal” that it was all staged, not to mention the obvious risk of “leaked” information that numerous American institutions face. There is also the element of competition with the Soviets, which was present at the time.

The two nations were on a mission to outdo each other in establishing technological superiority, and so the Soviets would have inevitably been watching the moon landings. They would have jumped at the opportunity to openly humiliate the United States for its poor attempt at trying to fool the general public if it tried to cheat. All this would be more than sufficient in deterring NASA from playing games.

With that out of the way, it can be deduced that astronauts did really land on the moon, which subsequently brings up the question of why no other missions to put man back on the moon have been undertaken for decades. According to Space, NASA’s John Olson said the agency is currently looking for a sustained presence on the moon.

And going by Jeff Hanley, who is NASA’s Constellation Program Manager, the rocket technology to undertake such a mission simply doesn’t exist, and ended with the Saturn V mission. However, bigger, safer, and more efficient rockets are reportedly in development.

Now to the controversies surrounding NASA’s bombing of the moon back in 2009, numerous conspiracy theorists have pointed to an alleged cover-up behind the mission. According to one controversial theory, the main objective was to destroy all evidence showcasing the existence of alien structures on the moon before any nation could begin serious research on this.

The rocket and satellite, which acted as a kinetic bomb, was apparently used to create a crater and help find out whether there was water on the moon. But this begs the question, “Why would NASA be looking for the presence of water on the moon, while conditions will probably never be conducive for humans, considering it’s surrounded by vacuum, and has no air?” This is one of the main reasons why the bombing was so controversial.