The Washington Redskins Just Need To Let Kirk Cousins Go And Move On [Opinion]

Bill KostrounAP Images

The Washington Redskins are either looking out for their future or playing one heck of a game with Kirk Cousins. After their trade for Alex Smith, it was believed that Cousins was finished in Washington. While that still holds true, the Redskins may have pulled one of the riskiest moves in NFL history.

According to ESPN, the Washington Redskins are considering hitting Cousins with the franchise tag, yet again just to trade Cousins to get back the assets they gave away in the deal with the Kansas City Chiefs. The plan sounds good, however, it could still backfire in the Redskins’ face.

If they were to tag Cousins, then any team willing to trade for him will have to surrender picks. But why? The Redskins decided to move on without telling Cousins until the next day. Why keep playing games with him? If the Redskins decided to move on, just let Kirk Cousins do the same. No one told Washington to give up the house and kitchen sink for Alex Smith. This is the perfect time for Cousins to get his payback.

What the Redskins are doing is just wrong. There are teams who need a quarterback and the Redskins are trying to corner the market, and in the end, might cause more harm than good. What if they offer to tag Cousins and he refuses? What if no teams wish to deal with the Redskins and look elsewhere? The Redskins would then have to pull the tag or take the risk of having two $20 million+ quarterbacks on their roster at the same time. Even if he refuses to sign and the process drags on, the Redskins will be stuck with his tag on their books for the 2018 season. Could you imagine the outrage in Washington then?

When the Redskins traded for Smith, rumors started to circulate that the Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos would be the top spots to land Cousins this offseason. Instead of just letting go of the past, the Redskins saw it as an opportunity to try to stick it to Cousins and the rest of the league. Not so fast. While the move does make sense, in theory, it’s a bad idea in terms of the future. Cousins could also tell any team in the league that he’s unwilling to sign a long-term deal with them, thus hurting the Redskins chances of a trade. This move is not a good one for the Redskins if Cousins is carrying a chip on his shoulder.

This is a mess the Redskins have dug themselves in. The Redskins tagged Cousins twice already, traded for another quarterback behind his back, and now they’re trying to almost dictate where he goes. Sorry, but his time in D.C. is over. The Cleveland Browns have assets to surrender, but why should they? The same can be said for the Denver Broncos. Why should any team in the NFL make a deal just to save the Redskins while they try to hold a player and a few teams’ NFL Draft boards hostage?

If I’m Cousins, I won’t sign a thing until the very last moment. In the beginning, it will hurt his stock, but Cousins is due for some payback.