How The NBA Trade Deadline Has Pushed Super Bowl LII To Almost Non-Important Status [Opinion]

Paul SancyaAP Images

The NFL season has come down to one game while the NBA still has half a season left to be played. However, every time your phone dings, it’s news from Bleacher Report or some other sports app detailing the struggles of the Cleveland Cavaliers, an injury to a star player like Kevin Love and DeMarcus Cousins, or some NBA trade deadline chatter.

Quick, how many of you are fans of the New England Patriots or the Philadelphia Eagles? How many of you are cheering on the Cavs, Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, or the Philadelphia 76ers? If not, then that’s understandable but has anyone noticed the lackluster approach to this Super Bowl? It’s as if this is a preseason game and not the big one. It’s no fault of the Eagles or Patriots, but when you get tired of seeing the same team almost year after year, this is what can happen.

On the NBA side of things, the league is booming due to injuries, surging and declining teams. However, it’s the NBA trade deadline that has the sports world buzzing with anticipation. Up until his injury, would the New Orleans Pelicans trade Cousins? Will the Los Angeles Lakers finally rid themselves of Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson? And will the Cavaliers get LeBron some help before he decides to bolt, again?

Those are just a few pieces of NBA trade rumors that have fans on edge, and it’s not just NBA fans. NFL fans have averted their attention to the hardwood as well with their teams out of the Super Bowl conversation. Take a peek into NFL Facebook groups and you’ll see a few post that says; “Not Football Related, But Would This Trade Work”? This is supposed to be the crowning moment for the NFL and yet, the NBA has stolen its glory. According to ESPN, Rob Gronowski has been cleared to play but on the same day that news was announced, LeBron made headlines with his Warriors statement and the Chicago Bulls traded Nikola Mirotic to the Pelicans. Sorry, Gronk.

Wednesday night, LeBron James sent Twitter in a frenzy when he said he would consider going to the Warriors. Oh man, forget what a reporter said about Tom Brady’s daughter, LeBron just made the statement of the season. How can Brady or Nick Foles contend with that?

Maybe it’s the two-week gap between the Super Bowl but in that time, the NBA has taken center stage. The sad part for the NFL is that it’s still not over. Teams are still working to make trades which should continue to have Super Bowl LII play the backseat until the clock hits 00:00 Sunday evening. There’s nothing the NFL can do at this point. Not even the big news surrounding the Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs trade could halt the NBA trade deadline charge.

Maybe Roger Goodell should call Adam Silver and ask him to hold all trades until Monday. What’s funny is what if the Lakers decide to make a deal with the Cavaliers or Celtics during the Super Bowl?