A ‘Martin’ Reboot Would Be A Terrible Idea For Many Reasons [Opinion]

Chris PizzelloInvision/AP Images

A bit of news sent the internet into a frenzy Wednesday when Tisha Campbell-Martin kind of sent a subtle hint that ’90’s hit show Martin could make a return as a reboot. According to Essence, there is a possibility this could happen. For fans of the show, this was news that has long been overdue, but is it a great idea? While the joy was quick, it does deserve a moment to think of what this could mean.

Doing a Martin reboot will be such a bad idea on so many levels. The good that could come of it is the laughs. Martin was awesome TV with countless funny characters, classic one-liners, and what it was like to just sit at home with your friends and relax. However, those are not the times we live in now, and that same funny cast from Martin is not who they used to be.

For starters, when the show was at the height of its existence, Martin Lawrence, Tichina Arnold, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Tommy Ford, and Carl Anthony Payne were in their early 30s. Twenty-years later, how are we supposed to take a show like this seriously? Not saying it can’t be done, but it just shouldn’t be.

Last we checked, the main two characters didn’t get along, thanks to a sexual harassment suit that kept Martin and Tisha from appearing on the same set at the same time in the final season. Then, what about Tommy’s character? Tommy Ford passed away in 2016, and there is no way there can be a Martin reboot with Tommy. Even if they found a way to write around his absence or just replace him, who wants to see a 52-year-old Sheneneh and Otis reaching for the same laughs they did in 1997?

However, with all that aside, the real reason a Martin reboot should not be attempted is simply due to greatness. This should not be done for the same reasons a show like Friends, Lost, Seinfeld, or A Different World has been left alone. Shows like these transcended what we have on television today, and all a reboot will do is weaken what we remember them to be.

It’s like when Michael Jordan retired from the Chicago Bulls but decided to play for the Washington Wizards. The back of the jersey still said Jordan, but it just wasn’t the same. I miss Martin kicking people out his house when he got mad. The same way I miss Gina saying “You go, boy.” Who wouldn’t want to see Martin covering his mouth when Pam spoke or Cole talking about his Pacer and Big Shirley? But no jokes on Tommy not having a job might be just too much to overcome.

Martin was and still is a classic to many people who remember it. But it’s also sad to say that its time has come and gone. Let the greatness of Martin stay where it’s been for the past 20 years: In our hearts and memories.