‘Suits’: Katherine Heigl And Louis Litt Would Be A Perfect Combination [Opinion]

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When Season 8 of Suits begins, there will be a hole left in the cast the size of the Grand Canyon with the departures of Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams. It was announced Wednesday, according to Variety, that Grey’s Anatomy alum Katherine Heigl will replace Markle as one of the lead women on Suits.

With Heigl set to play Samantha Wheeler, a new partner in Pearson Specter Litt, there are a few ways the writers can go with this. One, there will no doubt be some type of power struggle in the firm between her, Harvey, and Louis. This alone will make for great TV but the real scoop will be where the love connection lies.

With Harvey involved with Paula plus the kiss Suits fans have waited an eternity for between Harvey and Donna finally happening, Harvey may be out of the question. With Harvey out, that leaves newcomer Alex, and Louis. While Suits has been known to mix and match, pairing Samantha with Alex may not be the way to go. Nothing personal against his character but it’s time for someone to love Louis for who he is.

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His relationships over the last few years have ended in agonizing pain. Not just for him but the viewers as well. The Louis and Sheila romance was by far the funniest of the show but it proved that Louis was worthy of one. Although their paring was a bit on the strange side of the coin, it also focused on the office a bit too much. With Louis finally moving on from Sheila (so we thought) and rushing into a new relationship with Tara, it gave us a glimpse into the softer side of Mr. Litt. Louis was so hell-bent on becoming a father that he was ready to marry a woman who was pregnant by another man just to feel whole again after the Sheila breakup.

Needless to say, Louis found a way to mess that up but truth be told, she, nor the situation was right for him. So why not give Louis a chance at redemption with Samantha? With her being a partner, there may be a conflict of interest but wouldn’t that make for better TV?

Imagine Samantha arguing with Harvey then Louis forced to pick a side. Will it be his loyalty to Harvey, the firm or Samantha?