iPhone X: Apple Isn’t Overpricing Their Flagship Smartphone [Opinion]

Daryl Deino

It happens almost every time Apple releases a product that doesn’t live up to out-of-this-world sales expectations. The Washington Post asks if iPhone X sales spell trouble for Apple. Tom’s Guide recently listed “five reasons” why shoppers are skipping the iPhone X. However, USA Today is probably the most rational when it states that even though the iPhone X sales strategy has stumbled, higher prices have kept actual sales figures afloat.

“Apple’s experiment to launch three new phones for the holiday quarter doesn’t appear to be a hit, at least in terms of number of phones sold. But higher prices mean Apple and its investors could still sit pretty. “

The article notes that Apple had sold more iPhones in 2017 than any other year, so they can’t be doing that bad. Then again, it hasn’t been revealed what percentage of Apple’s smartphone sales have been from the iPhone X.

Many people seem to think that the iPhone X is way overpriced, but it isn’t. The 64GB version of the iPhone 8 Plus costs $799, while the 64GB iPhone X costs $200. But the extra $200 is absolutely worth it. The iPhone X has a 5.8-inch screen and is noticeably smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus, which has a 5.5-inch screen. The screen resolution is also a lot more sharp.

Then, there is the camera. Both have a dual-lens 12MP camera, but the one on the X offers optical image stabilization on the telephoto lens. After using both phones, it’s easy to notice how the iPhone X focuses faster. When it comes to the front camera, the iPhone X has infrared sensors and light projectors capable of perceiving depth. This is especially noticeable when taking selfies.

There is also the iPhone X’s Face ID feature, which replaces the fingerprint scanner that has been on previous iPhones. While it’s true that the Face ID isn’t perfect, it’s actually pretty close to being so. Even if dark situations, you can log into the iPhone by just looking into it. You want to instantly add money to your Starbucks account? Just press the amount of money to add, and all you have to do is look at the iPhone without worrying if your fingers are too greasy or not.

The iPhone offers a fantastic stereo multimedia listening experience. Featured image credit: Daryl Deino

Perhaps the most underrated upgrade of the iPhone X is the stereo listening experience. The iPhone 7 Plus, 8, and 8 Plus all have stereo speakers. But the speakers on the iPhone X really have the “oomph” you wouldn’t normally expect on such a small device. You can really hear deep bass when listening to music or movies. It’s really surprising how Apple has been able to fit in such rich sound on the iPhone this time around.

The iPhone X is the best all-around smartphone. Does everybody need it? No! Can everybody afford it? No! But for those who want a top-notch smartphone that can also be used as a top-notch DSLR-quality camera, a 4K video camera, and a bass-rich stereo multimedia machine can’t go wrong. The iPhone X is worth every single penny that Apple charges for it.