Joe Kennedy III’s Speech With ‘Bengals’ Sign In New England Pat’s Territory Seen As Epic Detail Fail [Opinion]

AP Images

Joe Kennedy III hails from Massachusetts, home of the New England Patriots, who are headed for the Super Bowl. However, the team name of the “Bengals” was predominately displayed behind him as he delivered his rebuttal speech to Trump’s State of the Union Address. It seems Kennedy didn’t pay enough attention to the details surrounding his location as he was about to present his State of the Union backlash on behalf of the Democrats from his Fall River, Massachusetts, podium.

He went overboard with chapstick as his smeared, shiny lips were a tell-tale sign of product overkill. Someone should have warned him that while the product is advertised as invisible, when the light catches it, there is a shiny gleam it gives off. With all the lights on him last night, he looked like a kid who just got through playing with his mother’s makeup products. His glossy and smeared lips were spawning questions of “drooling” or going overboard with “lip gloss” ahead of his big night, according to the Washington Times.

As any successful person will tell you, success is often in the details, but it looks as if Joe didn’t get that memo. Joe Kennedy III comes out of the famous Kennedy family, which is the closest thing to royalty on this side of the pond. Since it was his first big night in front of the American public, you could understand how he might miss a few of those details.

The sign behind Kennedy throughout his speech has an insignia of some type on it, which is too blurred to read, but it does say “Bengals” and happens to be sporting the orange and black colors of the NFL team by the same name. You can see that sign in the video tweet below.

This didn’t go unnoticed on social media, with one Facebook user asking why they didn’t change out the “Bengals” for the “Patriots” for the occasion.

The Facebook post reads, “Why would they not at least have a Patriots flag in the background. The Bengals flag in the background sums up Opie’s speech.”

Folks on Twitter also picked up on it, as seen in the tweet below.

While it is not known if this is a sign depicting the NFL team or not, it is still a detail that might have been fixed before Joe took the stage. It did say “Bengals” while he addressed folks in a very excited Patriot’s country days ahead of the Super Bowl. He comes from a long line of Massachusetts natives and this is New England Patriot’s country, so a little effort might have been warranted, at least on the part of his handlers.

Standing on the stage displaying your patriotism as a Democrat, while in the backyard of the New England Patriots with “Bengals” displayed — this might be a detail he could have avoided. The Pats are headed for the Superbowl this Sunday and Joe, who hails from Pats’ country, might have wanted to show his support for a New England Patriots with a sign bearing the team’s name. He could have also opted for going with no team name at all. It would have been as easy as checking out what the camera would view while he was onstage and have that “Bengals” sign taken down or covered up for the occasion.

As CNBC News reports, Joe Kennedy III “delivered a broad rebuke of President Donald Trump’s policies on Tuesday night, downplaying the president’s effect on the U.S. economy and pushing back on his immigration goals. Joe was in good company on Tuesday night, as he wasn’t the only one not paying attention to details from the Democratic Party. Nancy Pelosi offered up quite the sideshow with her scowling facial grimace that has since gone viral. She offered this very “sour” and “bitter” look as she watched Donald Trump deliver his State of the Union Speech, which is reported in an earlier Inquisitr article. Details are everything, or at least they carry a lot of stock!