‘Scandal’: After Recent Events, It’s Clear Olivia Pope Must Be Handled [Opinion]

Rich FuryInvision/AP Images

Who will kill Olivia Pope? When Scandal started, Olivia was the hero. Her quick wit and willingness to go the extra mile for her friends and clients are what drew us in. However, as the seasons went on, Olivia, at first glance, just wasn’t the same gladiator anymore. It’s clear that Olivia has become the person she says she hates the most: her father. But why the change?

To be honest, not much about Oliva has really changed. She’s a bit darker with her actions but they’ve always been dormant. Look at her parents. Her mother is a master criminal — at one point a wanted terrorist — and her father was once head of the most dangerous organization in the United States, B6-13. So, to see Olivia become this monster has not been surprising at all. It’s just a matter of who will take her out.

From the beginning, viewers have mistaken her as the hero when, in fact, she’s never been the good guy. Case in point. When Fitz was running for president and he was about to lose, it was Oliva who signed off to fix the election. When Fitz got lonely, it was Oliva who became the mistress. Liv craves power — she always has — and now that she has it, she’s quick to display it just as her father once did. So please explain how Olivia Pope is still the hero many see her as? Even Entertainment Weekly has questioned Pope’s actions this season.

When Rowan Pope was head of B6-13, Liv wanted him dead for all the wrong he’s done, but then she turns around and does the same thing. What Liz doesn’t know yet is that her support system is growing smaller by the day. Which leaves that burning question: Who will be the one to kill Olivia Pope?

I hate to say it, but Scandal is one of those shows where bad guys are killed. Liv is no longer seen as the hero in the white trench coat with her sexy walk. She’s the villain masquerading around Washington as the perfect daughter, lover, and friend. She’s the devil with White House clearance.

Who Will Kill Olivia Pope?

Will It Be Millie?

As strange as it sounds, Millie and Olivia have become like best friends, well, at least in Millie’s eyes. For Liv, this is business. Millie was her ticket in the White House. She tried with Fitz, but that came with restrictions. When Millie finds out that it was Olivia who killed President Rashad and his niece, Millie will lose it for sure. She may not kill Liv herself, but she’s the president and can easily have it done.

Will It Be Huck Or Charlie?

When news hits that Olivia didn’t do everything in her power to save Quinn, either Charlie (her husband) or Huck should be the one to take Oliva out for her betrayal.

Can Rowan Kill His Own Daughter?

Much like Olivia, when the time has come to either pull the trigger or ask someone else to do, they both have backed off.

Will It Be Quinn?

Right now, she has to be the main suspect to do so. Quinn has always looked up to Olivia but after overhearing her conversation with Rowan, Quinn believes that Liv left her for dead. Quinn doesn’t have to tell anyone what Olivia did with President Rashad, she can just pull the trigger and move on.

No matter who kills Olivia Pope, it’s clear that she has to die. As a fan of Scandal from the beginning, it was her character that drew me in. However, the new Liv is still the old Rowan who has been the target of many death threats over the years. While Rowan was pure evil, Liv understood right from wrong by watching him and still chose this route.