‘Arrow’: Team Arrow 2.0 Has More Trust Issues Than The Original One [Opinion]

Al PowersInvision/AP Images

One of my biggest issues with this season of Arrow has been the movement. For some reason, the writers decided to marry people, add some kids, form a super evil group, give criminals feelings, and split the team up. We can touch on a few of these later, but it’s one that has really bugged me of late.

Curtis, Dinah, and Rene decided to leave Team Arrow and start their own. While they don’t officially have a name, we’ll just call them Team Arrow 2.0 for now. Their reason for their defection was caused by what they deemed as unfair treatment by Oliver, Felicity, and John. While they have a point, the reason for that has just been brushed aside. There was a mole on the team. One of the members decided to throw Oliver under the bus, and they needed to find out who it was. So, not to be lied to, they placed trackers on Dinah, Curtis, and Rene.

The original team figured it was Dinah who was the mole, however, it turned out to be Rene. The hockey mask-wearing crime fighter was put in a tough spot in terms of his daughter and thought giving up Oliver was his only option. Instead of apologizing, Rene was the first to leave, followed by Dinah and then by Curtis. Their reason: lack of trust from Oliver, John, and Felicity. They had a point, however, it was the original team that should have felt betrayed, not the newbies.

What Rene was set to do was awful. To get his daughter back, he was ready to throw Oliver in jail. Oliver was not only his boss, but his friend, his teammate, a father, a husband, and the protector of Starling City. Rene was about to throw that all away but yet, he was the one who felt betrayed. Makes no sense at all.

Now, they have formed their own team and yet, they have managed to do exactly the same thing they blamed Oliver for. But no one has noticed. To start, when they got to their new base, they made a toast for being around people they can trust. How so? Didn’t all this start by Rene giving up one of his teammates? How can Curtis and Dinah trust Rene after what he did? Forget the reason, he still tried to throw Oliver in jail. Why is that forgiven?

Dinah is no better. Wasn’t she the one meeting with Vincent behind everyone’s back? Last I checked, he was set on killing everyone on Team Arrow, and here she is having secret meetings with him with no real reason to know if he can be trusted, as mentioned by Bleeding Cool News. And lastly, there’s Curtis. He received info from Vince that Cayden James planned an attack underground; however, instead of letting his team know where the info came from, he kept it a secret.

At times, there will be situations where they may have to keep info from one another. This is something Oliver has had to deal with since becoming the Green Arrow. But how was he supposed to act when he found out that he was being betrayed by one of his own? Instead of doing better, each member of Team Arrow 2.0 has lied to each other and yet, no one has seemed to care.

In trying to be better than the original Team Arrow, version 2.0 is worse off because they have no leadership and their team was built off of dishonesty to begin with.