‘Riverdale’: It’s Time For Jughead And Toni To Become King & Queen Of The Serpents [Opinion]

Richard ShotwellInvision / AP Images

What’s the holdup? What has taken Jughead and Toni so long to join forces on Riverdale? The relationship between Jughead and Betty is over and as far as we now, Toni has been single the entire time. So why not? The chemistry is there but Jug was so caught in Betty’s web that he didn’t notice. There was a moment after their breakup but he pushed Toni to the side.

Well, things have changed now and there’s no better time than the present.

With FP out of prison, he’s taken back control of the Southside Serpents, however, it’s Jughead who has control over the younger Serpents, Toni included. When Jughead made plans for the Serpents, it’s usually Toni who’s the first to have his back. At times, when Jughead has made errors in judgment calls, it’s Toni who puts him on the right path.

With Archie and Veronica viewed as the “it” couple of Riverdale, it’s time a new one emerges. The Betty and Jughead relationship was doomed from the beginning as Jughead was just a replacement until Archie gets his act together, but Toni and Jug, together they could rule Riverdale.

The problem is Jughead doesn’t see it yet. Betty sees the connection, however, Jughead is so focused on repairing the Serpents’ bad name that he has put any and everything else off. Toni is the ultimate package. She’s hot, smart, down to earth, and best of all, she’s loyal. Not just that, according to ETonline, Toni is also bisexual. If not for her, Jughead may be dead or in jail by now. She’s had his back from the moment he stepped into Southside High and she has continued to have it ever since. The pairing makes perfect sense.

When Toni first became a regular, many figured it would cause trouble between Jughead and Betty. However, that storyline never came to fruition. Instead, Betty and Toni seemingly hit it off as friends, but deep down you could see that Toni wanted more. With Riverdale set to be divided yet again, the North and South will need representation. Archie and Veronica vs. Jughead and Toni could be the biggest battle in Riverdale history.