Why The Philadelphia Eagles Will Owe Chip Kelly A Super Bowl Ring If They Win [Opinion]

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There are times when you must swallow your pride and give thanks to the past. For the Philadelphia Eagles, that will mean handing Chip Kelly a championship ring if they beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52. Think back, without Kelly’s moves, there would be no Nelson Agholor, Carson Wentz, or Nick Foles.

Despite Kelly blowing up what could have been a championship team by removing DeSean Jackson, Hugh Douglas, and LeSean McCoy, some of his moves put the Eagles in position to get Wentz. On the other side, the Eagles would not have faith in Foles the way they do if not for the Foles flourishing in Kelly’s offense in 2013. Hate Chip Kelly all you want, but he’s a big reason for the Eagles’ success this season.

Yes, Howie Roseman came in and cleaned up the mess and made the moves to draft Wentz. However, those moves were also helped by the trades and picks that Kelly received in those same awful deals. Take the trades away and focus on the quarterback. When Wentz went down, Eagles nation didn’t panic as, say, if Drew Brees or Cam Newton went down. Foles has been here before, he knows what he’s doing. His breakout year wasn’t done under the guidance of Doug Pederson, it was Kelly who was there with complete faith in him.

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Look at what the Eagles offense did against the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game. That wasn’t the typical Pederson approach. While the running game had some success and the short passes were working, it was the deep ball that got the Eagles rolling. Make no mistake: Wentz has a strong arm, but Foles has a cannon. It was just a matter of Pederson trusting in Foles to let him loose. What Foles did in the NFC title game was 2013 all over again. Foles is not a dump-off kind of quarterback. He’s a three-step-and-let-it-fly kind of guy. Pederson’s offense is not built for him. That’s why there were doubts Foles could lead this team to a title, according to Bleacher Report.

The offense is built for Wentz and his strengths. Foles has added his own flair to Pederson’s conservative approach, and look where that has led them. Remember Foles in Kansas City or with the Rams? Andy Reid was another conservative coach, and the same can be said for Jeff Fisher. Foles could not succeed under them. He was taught by Kelly to let the ball fly.

Once Pederson trusted Foles, the Eagles took off. Foles has the arm to win the Super Bowl with Pederson, but it was Kelly who first believed.