To Save The Charlotte Hornets, Michael Jordan Must Move Kemba Walker [Opinion]

Chuck BurtonAP Images

The Charlotte Hornets have Kemba Walker on the trade block, however, according to ESPN, Michael Jordan wants an All-Star in return. The issue with that statement is, Walker himself is not even an All-Star.

Moving Walker is the Hornets only way of rebuilding fast. Sure, maybe the Portland Trail Blazers or Los Angeles Clippers can deal either C.J. McCollum or DeAndre Jordan, but why should Charlotte want either with their hefty contracts? Walker still has one year left on his current contract at $12 million per season. The best move Jordan has here is to trade Kemba Walker for draft picks.

The Hornets have made the playoffs only twice while Walker has been in uniform. Obviously, something isn’t working here. By packaging Walker and possibly Nicolas Batum, it will give the Hornets the opportunity to acquire a player and a possible lottery pick. This is how you get your team out of, the abyss it’s in and build toward a brighter future.

With Jordan publicly stating he wants a fair market trade, most teams might be scared off. Look around the NBA. How many All-Star players, especially at the point guard position are on losing teams? Not to discount what Walker (21.9 points, 5.9 assists) has done in Charlotte but facts don’t lie. It’s hard to ask a team for their All-Star player when they won’t get one in return.

Jordan is saying all the right things for Walker’s benefit, however, his focus should be on the Hornets’ well-being. The playoffs at this point are a laughing matter for Charlotte (unless a miracle happens), however, next season is another chance to right what has gone wrong this season.

Charlotte Hornets guard Kemba Walker
Kemba Walker [Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images]

The Cleveland Cavaliers have shown interest and the Philadelphia 76ers could be a hot choice as well for Walker. Hell, even the Lakers have a package of Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson they could turn into a good deal for Charlotte. It’s up to Jordan and his general manager to make the correct call here.

I get it. Letting Walker know he’s worth nothing short of an All-Star player is great, however, this is a business and Walker must understand that.

Another issue is Dwight Howard. Will the Hornets decide to include him in talks as well? Despite their dismal record, Charlotte actually has a great group of guys who should be able to return a hefty investment towards their future. With Batum, Marvin Williams, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and possibly Howard on the market, Jordan could end up with at least two first rounders, three starters, and a second-round pick.

It may take some time to rebuild, but look at where the 76ers are from believing in their process. Jordan has to realize that you may have to take a step back in order to move forward in business.