Milwaukee Brewers Should Make A Play For Yu Darvish, Jake Arrieta After Getting Cain And Yelich [Opinion]

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Why can’t they do it? The Milwaukee Brewers have a chance to be the true darkhorse in MLB and all it will take is some guts. The biggest splash this offseason has been the New York Yankees snagging Giancarlo Stanton from the Miami Marlins. However, there are still two very big names still floating around without a team. Who will sign Jake Arrieta and Yu Darvish?

Before you go thinking of the Yankees, Houston Astros, Marlins or someone else, why not the Brewers? Milwaukee is making the kind of under-the-radar moves that championship teams make.

In 2017, the Milwaukee Brewers finished the season 86-76, good for second place in the NL Central, six games behind the Chicago Cubs. What’s scary is that they accomplished this without the star-studded lineup many of their opponents have. However, things have changed this offseason for the Brew Crew. David Stearns is no longer sitting on his hands waiting. Instead, he decided to be the aggressor. The payout so far, Lorenzo Cain and Christian Yelich. Yes, still not as big a name as Stanton or Gerrit Cole, but the Brewers might not be done just yet.

With Milwaukee taking care of business on the offensive side, it may be time Stearns turns his attention to the mound. With rumors circulation this offseason regarding Darvish and Arrieta, the Brewers have come up as a possible destination for Darvish according to SB Nation. But why not go for both?

The Brewers, much like the Philadelphia Phillies, have the funds to do so. After signing Cain and Yelich, it’s only right they turn their attention to the starting rotation. Last season, the Brewers was led by Zach Davies (17-9), Jimmy Nelson (12-6), and Chase Anderson (12-4). While all three performed well, imagine what adding Arrieta and Darvish could do for a team that was only six games from first in the division.

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The glaring issue the Brewers will have is how far are they willing to go? Both pitchers will command top dollar and the Brewers have done their best to avoid that huge payday. However, if the postseason is their goal, then sacrifices like these go together. There’s a reason the New York Yankees, Houston Astros, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Chicago Cubs are gearing up for another World Series run. In order to win, some money has to be spent.

Arrieta could cost any team up to $25 million+ per season and Darvish will fall in with the $18-20 million club. Adding Arrieta and Darvish with Davies will give the Brewers three of the best in MLB. The Brewers are sitting on a payroll that most teams wish they had. To end the season with 86 wins, walk away with Cain and Yelich and still fall below $70 million means they have just as good of a shot as any team in MLB.

To win in this league, it takes guts and the Brewers have shown that they have it when it comes to the hitters, now it’s time to take care of the mound.