Melania Trump’s Spokesperson Opened A Can Of Worms With Tweet Torching ‘Salacious’ Media Reports [Opinion]

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What report was Melania Trump’s spokesperson alluding to in her Friday afternoon tweet when she ripped into the media, but didn’t name a specific target? Stephanie Grisham did not make her ire a secret when writing things like “fake news” and “salacious & flat-out false reporting.” She did, however, make the source of that anger a mystery.

Twitter users jumped on this tweet to voice their opinions on quite a few things, but one theme kept emerging on Stephanie Grisham’s Twitter post. People asked why Melania wasn’t doing more with the platform she’s been given, one that reaches around the world. Other Twitter users expressed their disappointment that she hasn’t done anything with her new found fame, as she could do so much good in the position she is in.

According to The Hill, this tweet from Grisham surfaced just hours after the Daily Mail published a report that claimed Melania Trump had been staying in a “posh” D.C. hotel in the days following the viral headlines of an alleged Donald Trump affair with an adult film star.

Could this be the “fake news” and “salacious” reporting she was referring to in that tweet? She didn’t link the tweet to a specific article, or point out a particular media outlet by name, so the guessing game began. Starting with The Hill’s report about the Daily Mail’s article being published just before Grisham’s tweet. She did say there was a “laundry list” of “salacious & flat-out false reporting,” so it sounds as if she may be referring to more than one report.

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But it didn’t appear as if people were interested in who Grisham was referring to in her tweet. The Twitter comments seemed to gravitate toward Melania Trump’s lack of championing a good cause now that she’s in the perfect position to do so. She was compared to many of the previous first ladies by some folks on Twitter, but most of all, people expressed their disappointment so far because they perceive the first lady as doing “nothing” so far for a good cause.

People hopped on Twitter and offered up some comments to Grisham’s tweet, as seen on her Twitter Page. One Twitter user wrote the following.

“She’s MIA as FLOTUS. She has THE best platform in the WORLD to address the needs of children, to address bullying, but she does nothing. You’re not doing a good job covering for her, either. God gave her this opportunity and she’s squandering it. I’m angry.”

Another Twitter user suggested that “Our FLOTUS is elegant and doing a wonderful job.” But another Twitter user piped in and asked, “What has she done?” Many mentioned the anti-bullying campaign that never got off the ground on Grisham’s Twitter page via the comments following her “FLOTUS” tweet.

Others had compassion for Melania, saying that she’s “been shoved into a spotlight that no one deserves.” That Twitter user thought that “Melania should be left alone, especially right now.”

Still, there was a theme emerging that Melania needs to use her platform for the good of something, children, anti-bullying, the war against drugs — something. Many people see this as a chance like no other to do some good by championing a cause now that all eyes are on Melania globally. To some, it looks as if Melania is letting this platform go by the wayside and people consider this a shame.