Philadelphia Phillies: Mike Trout Must Find A Way Home [Opinion]

Charles Rex ArbogastAP Images

How long before Mike Trout says he’s had enough with the losing? The Los Angeles Angels have done nothing of real importance since his arrival in 2012 but continuously sign overpriced veterans with no results. It’s safe to say that Trout is wasting away his great years in an Angels uniform. This is where the Philadelphia Phillies must take advantage.

The issue the Phillies are having is that they’re a young team still searching for an identity themselves. This could easily become another case of the Miami Marlins recent fire sale. As great as Giancarlo Stanton and Dee Gordon were, the Marlins knew winning was taking too much time. Jeter swallowed his pride and let both his cornerstone players go for dirt cheap. The Angels could be in the same boat.

The Phillies have been in rebuild mode for the past three seasons but they have a few pieces necessary to put together a package that could entice Trout to come home. A quick look at the Angels and anyone can see why they have struggled. While Albert Pujols is still there, he’s also reaching the end of his career at the age of 37. The other issue with Pujols is his contract. According to Spotrac, he’s still signed through 2022 but he’s making over $22 million per season.

While the Angles keep getting older each offseason, the Phillies are doing the exact opposite. While the New York Yankees are spending tons of money, the Phillies are stacking their chips. It’s cool to have youth and tons of cash to spend, but youth don’t equal wins and not spending money won’t attract top free agents. Something has to give on both parts.

The Phillies must decide which direction they’re going in and Trout has to decide if he wants to keep losing with the same team. Bringing Trout to Philadelphia will cost the Phillies plenty. However, Trout can make it real easy on the Phillies and hard on the Angels. If Philly is his choice, then all Trout has to do is name the Phillies as the only team he will waive his no-trade clause for. That will place the Angels in a tight spot and give the Phillies the leverage they need.

It’s up to the Angles in 2018 to give Trout something to play for. The Angels haven’t made the postseason since 2014 and another missed opportunity in 2018 could very well cause Trout to demand a trade. While he’s loved out West, this is still a business. Neither Trout or the Angels have gained much since their pairing and trading away their best player for pieces to build around might be their only solution.

The Phillies have searched for years for a replacement for Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins. While the draft was seen as the best route, bringing Trout home may not be as far-fetched as some might think. If the Angels cannot right their ship in 2018, the Phillies may have a new face by the MLB trade deadline.