iPad Pro Seriously Misrepresented In New Commercial [Opinion]

Daryl Deino

Apple is at it again — they are still trying to convince people that the iPad Pro is a computer replacement. In an updated ad, we see a teenager using an iPad throughout the day to complete many tasks. She chats with friends, edits photos, writes a paper, uses the Apple Pencil, etc. When asked by a neighbor what she is doing with her computer, the teen responds, “What is a computer?”

The iPad Pro is a great consumption device that’s useful for watching videos, surfing the web, viewing photos, and even listening to music without earphones. However, if you have used a PC or Mac for a week and try to do the same tasks with an iPad Pro, you will become easily frustrated. The iPad Pro still isn’t a content creation device, even if Apple added an (optional) keyboard to it.

Daniel Cooper of Engadget certainly doesn’t think the iPad Pro is a computer replacement. He notes that even though Apple has trumpeted the iPad for its multitasking, the device is really built to do only one thing at a time. He also says that the iPad Pro really can’t be the center of your digital universe.

iPad Pro Commercial
Apple's new commercial is very misleading. Featured image credit: Eric RisbergAP Images

Michael Muchmore of PC Magazine also doesn’t believe the iPad Pro can replace a computer.

“It’s light, fast, reliable, and offers every kind of useful and fun app you can think of. I use one nearly every day—as a tablet,” Muchmore says, adding that for any kind of productive activity, he needs a real computer that has a mouse and can open more than two windows at a time.

But that won’t stop Apple from trying to brand the iPad Pro as a computer replacement. As Business Insider reports, the updated ad is rubbing many the wrong way. As author Dennis Green notes, the ad is meant to display all the different things you can do with the iPad and show a fantasy world in which computers are outdated. Green, like others, believes that world is in a galaxy far away since computers are still how the vast majority of work gets done.

Needless to say, Twitter isn’t fond of the commercial.

As this author stated on the Inquisitr a couple weeks back, it’s time for Apple to release a MacBook Touch. The device would not only challenge Microsoft’s Surface Pro, but it would become the ultimate “computer replacement.” It’s about time for Apple to get out of their fantasy world and give consumers what they have wanted for years.