2018 NBA All-Star Game Mock Draft [Opinion]

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Guess it’s time to have a little fun with the 2018 NBA All-Star Game. This season, the NBA will try something different with their approach. While the starters and reserves have been announced, who plays on what team is still the biggest mystery. With the NBA adopting a playground style of play as far as team captains picking their team, we decided to do an NBA All-Star Mock Draft.

LeBron James will pick first in the starter round, then Stephen Curry will pick first when choosing the reserves. We have Team LeBron (TL) vs. Team Stephen (TS).

No. 1 TL – Giannis Antetokounmpo: If LeBron was smart, he would pick the only player who mirrors him the most. With Giannis and LeBron on the floor together, that could cause trouble for any team. All-Star or not.

No. 2 TS – Kevin Durant: Of course, Curry has to pick his teammate here. With LeBron snagging Giannis first, Curry will need someone to help score the ball from anywhere on the floor.

No. 3 TL – James Harden: The All-Star game is a pick-up game with the most talented players in the world. There are no set roles to be called. Harden can take over point guard duties, and how many players have had trouble guarding Harden on the perimeter?

No. 4 TS – Kyrie Irving: Curry has to take Irving here just because. There is no way James will draft his old teammate, and by Curry doing so, it will add some extra spice on the floor.

No. 5 TL – DeMarcus Cousins: There is no better big man in the game than Cousins at the moment.

No. 6 TS – Anthony Davis: With Curry taking Davis here, it will give his team a force in the paint. Davis can hit from the perimeter, pass the ball, and is a great rim protector.

No. 7 TL – DeMar DeRozan: LeBron will need a player who can just score. DeRozan has become a well-rounded player, however, his main weapon is to put the ball in the basket. Perfect for this style of play.

No. 8 TS – Joel Embiid: Without a doubt, Embiid might have the most fun of any player this weekend. However, his time may be limited, and this is a big risk for any captain to take. But, if he has no restrictions, beware.

No. 9 TS – Draymond Green: Curry will not be able to face his Warriors teammates if he doesn’t at least pick two. There’s no defense played in the All-Star game, however, Green is a jack of all trades on the floor.

No. 10 TL – Klay Thompson: LeBron has to take Thomson here. With Team LeBron spearheaded by so many bigs, the team will need a sniper from long distance.

No. 11 TS – Russell Westbrook: So many great players, but is there a better backcourt than Westbrook and Curry?

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No. 12 TL – Kevin Love: With so many three-pointers being launched, someone has to grab the rebounds and start the fastbreak. Love and James already have great chemistry, and this would be a great addition to Team LeBron.

No. 13 TS – Bradley Beal: It’s time for Curry to find someone to play the role of Thompson on his team. Beal has been lighting it up this season and the All-Star game will be another opportunity for him to showcase his talents.

No. 14 TL – Victor Oladipo: The Pacers star has been lights out the year and will put his scoring talents on display for Team LeBron.

No. 15 TS – Karl-Anthony Towns: The young defensive stud for Team Curry. Towns is a threat on both ends of the court.

No. 16 TL – Kristaps Porzingis: Another rim protector for Team LeBron. The bad news for Team Curry is that Porzingis is so much more. Adding Porzingis will give LeBron another scoring threat and a player who can dominate on the blocks and on the perimeter.

No. 17 TC – Damian Lillard: The name of the game is to push and score as much and as fast as possible. This is what Lillard does best.

No. 18 TL – John Wall: Wall is fast, and in a game where the tempo will be at warp speed, this is the perfect choice for Team LeBron.

No. 19 TC – Jimmy Butler: With Giannis and LeBron on the same team, Team Curry needs a player similar to their skills on both ends of the court. Butler can take his defender off the dribble, hit from the perimeter, and play defense.

No. 20 TL – Kyle Lowry: Selecting Lowry here is another smart move by LeBron. Lowry can score from the perimeter and get to the rim with ease. Besides, it might be smart to have Lowry and Raptors teammate DeRozan in at the same time to build a lead or a comeback with their chemistry.

No. 21 TS – Al Horford: This is a tough call here. Horford’s game does not suit the speed of the All-Star game. Horford can score from the post.

No. 22 TL – LaMarcus Aldridge: The same issues stays with Aldridge as it does with Horford. Aldridge is not the fast-paced player he once was, but if the game should come down to a halfcourt set, then LeBron has one of the best on his team.