NBA Trade Rumors: Why No Team Should Help The Cleveland Cavaliers [Opinion]

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are asking for help. A team that has won the Eastern Conference for three straight years with the supposedly best player in the NBA has a help-wanted sign in front of Quicken Loans Arena. But should anyone help them? No. Why would a team like the Los Angeles Clippers give LeBron James and Kevin Love one of the best centers in the NBA? Why?

Looking at the Cavaliers roster, they have James, Love, Dwyane Wade, J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert, Tristan Thompson, and Isaiah Thomas. If memory serves me correctly, hasn’t six of these players won a championship before? And hasn’t one of the new guys won more than two? Oh, let’s not forget to mention one of the newbies to this crew, Thomas. Was he not on a short list of MVP candidates just last season while leading the Boston Celtics to 53 wins? I’m just saying. Why do they need the extra help?

Things aren’t going as smoothly for them as they hoped. What was going on when the Oklahoma City Thunder were struggling? Was Russell Westbrook, Paul George, or Carmelo Anthony using the media to beg for help? No. They found a way to get their act together and right the ship. So, what’s so different with the Cavaliers? Why are they somehow involved in almost every NBA trade rumor possible?

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The reason no team should help the Cavs is pretty simple. Why help a team you’re trying to beat and one that’s on its last legs? Teams in the East have watched as the Cavaliers have steamrolled through the conference for three straight seasons. And as far as LeBron goes, he’s done it seven straight years. At what point is it cool to help a team continue its dominance over you? Look at the Golden State Warriors. There was a stretch of games where Stephen Curry was missing. Not only did the Warriors not cry for help, they still went out and won 9 of the 11 games he missed. Why is it that LeBron and Love have not done the same for the Cavaliers?

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t the Cavs been linked to Greg Monroe, Jordan, Paul George, and now George Hill, Lou Williams, and Kemba Walker just as early as last week, according to the official NBA site? What gives? Why should the Clippers, who recently put themselves back in the playoff hunt, blow up their team to add to a super team? Makes no sense. And this is the reason teams have yet to take the Cavaliers up on any of their offers.

If anyone is to do a deal with the Cavs, they’ll require their most prized possession. No, it’s not James, but it’s the LeBron James insurance policy. The Cavaliers own the Brooklyn Nets 2018 NBA Draft pick which will probably fall in the lottery. The Cavs are unwilling to part with it in case LeBron decides to bolt, yet again after this season. Teams are well aware of the quicksand the Cavs are currently in. While they’re struggling, the opposition is enjoying every minute of it.

Here’s the thing about those super teams. Eventually, they get old, money runs dry, and the teams who were once getting dominated, are now doing the dominating. It’s a vicious cycle and not one the Cavaliers were ready for this season.

What those same teams like the Charlotte Hornets, Sacramento Kings, and others need to do is find a team like the Philadelphia 76ers and help them. Let the league come together and build a Cavaliers killer, not a helper. The object of the game is to win and for the first time in years, teams outside of Cleveland have a shot to make the NBA Finals. Why should they help the Cavs, what’s in it for them?