CBS Made A Huge Mistake Canceling ‘Wisdom Of The Crowd’ Because Of Jeremey Piven [Opinion]

Chris PizzelloAP Images

CBS was home to two of my favorites shows over the last two years. One being Person of Interest and the other Wisdom of the Crowd. What made these two stand out was the brilliance of their stories. While the crave of television hinges on bank robberies, over-the-top comedies, and jabs at the White House, Wisdom of the Crowd went against the grain and leaned toward the youth.

Social media is as hot as its ever been, and while shows have touched on it, Wisdom of the Crowd based their entire storyline around it.

Tech guru Jeffrey Tanner wanted to find his daughter Mia’s killer and discovered the best way was to use regular people. He developed an app called Sophe in which his team would upload clues and questions onto the platform and wait for users to respond. Imagine asking Twitter followers to help locate a long-lost sibling who was given up for adoption. It was pure genius until Jeremy Piven’s offscreen personal life destroyed something with a bright future.

On October 30, 2017, actress Ariane Bellamar went to Twitter stating that Piven sexually harassed her while they were both filming Entourage. HBO released a statement saying it’s the first they’ve heard of this and CBS said they would investigate the matter. During the investigation, Piven denied any involvement, however, CBS still decided to cut ties with the actor, thus resulting in the cancellation of Wisdom of the Crowd. But did it have to come to this for the other actors and fans?

Despite what’s going on with Piven, CBS decided against hiring another actor and executive producer (Piven did that) to continue the role. While his role as the founder of the company and Mia’s father earned him top billing on the show, the actor could have been replaced. CBS panicked instead of going another route, and for that, fans were left disappointed.

Personally, I bumped into the show out of curiosity not knowing about the harassment suit. By the time I began to watch, Wisdom of the Crowd was already canceled and airing its 11th episode. As a fan of Person of Interest, I was hooked and kept watching. By the time I finished the 13th episode, I did a Google search to see if that was the final episode of the season, and to my dismay, I came across the report by TV Line that the show was canceled, which led me to the harassment claim. Then it all made sense.

I don’t know Piven, but what I do know is that I finally found a show that I loved, and due to one’s error in judgment, it’s gone. Fire Piven and find another actor, but don’t make us all pay for his foolishness if he’s guilty. Shame on you, CBS.