Kim Kardashian Poses Nude Sharing Post-Baby Body Despite Surrogate Giving Birth To Chicago West [Opinion]

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Kim Kardashian has posed butt naked again and she reportedly did so to celebrate the birth of her daughter this week, Chicago West. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby came into this world on Monday weighing 7 pounds, 6 ounces and she was given the name of a city, Chicago.

Can you think of a better way to celebrate such an occasion than to strip down and pose naked? Apparently, some people across the social media sites don’t see this as an occasion calling for naked poses and Kardashian received quite a few reprimands online for doing so, as reported by Fox News.

The mother of three posed nude for photos while laying in bed with the fashion photographers Mert and Marcus behind the lens. What was the method to her madness? Was Kim showing off one of the benefits of having a baby via a surrogate birth?

If that were the case, wouldn’t she have posed for pictures while playing a round of tennis or running a lap? This would give more of an example of the benefits to a surrogate birth as vigorous exercise is something almost impossible to do in the first few days after having a baby.

But Kim isn’t someone people look to for advice on vigorous exercises. Besides it might not be the look she was going for as being naked on a tennis court or jogging along a track leaves too much to chance. Laying down in a bed lets you keep everything still and posed just right and cuts way down on jiggling as opposed to jogging.

But this is Kim Kardashian and body image is everything so laying in bed in a very risque pose with her breasts exposed is the way Kim Kardashian picked to celebrate the birth. Kim posted the pictures to her Instagram account to share with all of her 106 million Instagram followers and anyone else who clicked in to take a peek.

Happy Holidays

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While this was apparently meant as a treat for her followers, not all of them took it that way. Now that Kim is a mother of three, many voiced their opinions on how this isn’t a legacy she should be leaving behind online for her kids to see in years to come. One social media user pretty much summed up many of the questions asked by people online about Kim’s apparent need to do this.

According to Fox, one of her many fans stated, “love them. But why does she feel the need to constantly post pictures like this? It’s a body, yes she had had kids and looks good, but these pics are a little much for me.” Another person asked, “Why do you do that? So your children are ashamed when they’re grown up?”

There was the train of thought like the one seen in the above comments, which basically had the kids in mind. Then there was the other mindset of “why not flaunt it if you still got it?” As seen in other comments showing up online. One fan wrote to Kim — “you be you no matter what people comment.”

good night

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If this picture above doesn’t say I am rich and beautiful, nothing does. Kim posted this photo shortly after her naked in bed picture showed up on her Instagram account. As you can see by the number of “likes” and “comments” each Instagram photo has gathered, it is obvious whatever Kim posts online is being seen.

Leave it to Kim Kardashian to share a picture of her post-baby body despite not actually giving birth. It is only in Kardashian world where things like this make sense.

While Kim has already addressed those folks who think she took the easy way out by not carrying her own baby through a pregnancy, she said online this week that it was hard. She said it was a tough situation for her especially because she carried her first two children, according to People Magazine.

Kim explained on her website on Thursday.

“People assume it’s better because you don’t have to deal with the physical changes, pain or complications with delivery, but for me, it was so hard to not carry my own child, especially after I carried North and Saint.”

With that said, she then offered up her nude pictures to her followers as a celebration.