Trump’s Rumored Body Details And Pelosi’s ‘Doggie-Doo’ Offer — ‘Back To The Future,’ Take Notice [Opinion]

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Filmmakers are missing a really big opportunity today, just Google “Trump,” “Pelosi,” or any other Washington player to find this treasure trove of plots in the headlines. You might have to take a step back to really take it all in, but there are at least two Washington bigwigs in the modern-day news with urine and fecal matter in the headlines with their names. There has never been a time in history where people complained about too much information coming from the Washington, D.C., crowd, but one might argue that time has arrived.

Back to the Future gave us a look at people from the 50s through the eyes of someone from the modern-day era of the 1980s, which was the decade of the film’s creation. Michael J. Fox’s character went back to the 50s and mesmerized moviegoers with what he found. It is time to take someone from the John F. Kennedy era and bring them into the future of today via a movie. For those of you who were born and raised during the Kennedy era or before, you can appreciate how disturbing people would find the news of today if those headlines just happened to drop into their lap back then.

Back in the era where Lucy and Ricky Ricardo had separate beds for I Love Lucy and TV commercials portrayed the modern-day woman doing housework all dolled-up, the emphasis was on “proper,” and you didn’t see what was really behind the doors of the average American households. What you saw was nothing more than an image painted of the proper way it should be in most movies and TV shows. As a kid, I thought something was wrong with my mother because she did the laundry while wearing pants and a sweatshirt. I compared her to the lady on the Maytag commercial, who was in an evening dress while doing her laundry. Even the Maytag lady’s laundry didn’t look dirty; it didn’t resemble our family’s dirty laundry going into the machine, so for sure there was something wrong at our house, or so I thought back then.

Skip ahead several decades and the headlines are accusing Trump of an alleged affair with an adult movie star and Nancy Pelosi is equating the GOP’s offerings with a dog-poop sundae, complete with a cherry on top, as reported in the Washington Post. Headlines with the president’s name include an adult film actress star today. These headlines are taunting with an alleged reveal about to be made about Trump.

That reveal is rumored to include “what he looks like down there,” reports the New York Post. According to reports, there was an interview with this adult film actress from a few years back, and it is rumored to contain an alleged graphic description of the president’s genitals, according to the Daily Beast. What is even more disturbing is that it is rumored to be released for the masses to read! That would certainly put us in an age of TMI.

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Can you see your grandparents over morning coffee reading today’s headlines? “What is a pee tape?” they might ask one another, as headlines have affiliated Trump with an alleged “pee tape” a few months back. Newsweek asks in a headline from the end of last year “Are the Trump Pee Tape Allegations True?” Not only does this sound quite disturbing, but the headline goes on to say this is something Congress will discuss when they interview the president’s bodyguard. Washington was saturated in rumors of a “pee tape,” and this is something that would be extremely shocking to the people growing up decades ago.

Of course, your grandparents didn’t have the internet and the online world to push some of these rather vulgar images into their homes. But could you visualize what your grandparents’ faces would like as Anthony Wiener’s sexting pictures blared across the TV screen? The opportunities for scenes in a reversed Back to the Future movie are endless. Just a shot of Hillary Clinton slamming Trump’s alleged womanizing with the song “Stand by your Man” rising from the background would show just a bit of the irony happening on the Washington scene in modern-day politics.

There’s the ex-wife standing her ground as the “real first lady” of a president who has created his own news station on Twitter. Words of war were once passed along in a serious tone by men like Churchill and Roosevelt, but that has been replaced by two grown men leading two different countries taunting one another with their bright red buttons. “Is President Trump’s Nuclear Button Bigger Than Kim Jong Un’s?” is just one of the headlines out of many describing the sparring that went on between Trump and Kim Jong Un, according to Snopes.

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This brings back memories to the Ken-L-ration Dog Food commercials of yesteryear, which carries a tune and lyrics that would work well in a movie as Trump and Kim argue via Twitter over their nuclear buttons. The lyrics to that dog food commercial would fit in nicely for Trump and Kim if you just replace “button” for “dog.” The lyrics included, “My Dog’s Better Than Your Dog, My Dogs Better Than Yours” along with “My Dog’s Bigger Than Your Dog, My Dog’s Smarter Than Yours,” which is seen in the video below.

Any way you look at it, the headlines coming out of Washington over the past years are a treasure trove for a movie. It could be a movie with a plot that consists of shocking the people of bygone eras being dropped into the future of today. You can pluck these folks right out of the 1950s who are still wondering if they should keep the twin beds or buy a more modern “double” bed for exercising their marriage rights.

As they argue about proper sleeping arrangements, Bill Clinton can blare in the background giving his famous “I did not have sexual relations” speech. Nancy Pelosi can serve up that speech about “crumbs” as people plucked off of breadlines of a bygone era are dropped into today’s world. The climax of the movie could be the rational minds of yesteryear’s people rallying up to save the nation from what we have done to it since their time has passed. Scenes of men and women in 1950s garb running through capitol hill washing mouths out with soap could be the start of this takeover. It could be quite the saga!