‘Avengers: Infinity War’: Time To Kill Off Old Faces Like ‘Transformers: The Movie’ Did In The ’80s [Opinion]

Jesse GrantGetty Images

With Avengers: Infinity War set to hit theaters this year, the Marvel Universe will have at least one more movie left to blow the competition away. However, there’s a sense among fans that it will not end as planned. What Marvel must do is go out in style the same way our favorite characters from Transformers: The Movie did in 1986.

What made that movie so special was that all bets were off. For those of us who grew up in that era and fell in love with Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Bumblebee, and more, we were shocked how the movie played out with the death of some of our beloved characters. This is the approach that Avengers: Infinity Wars must take.

Fans of the comic will understand the meaning behind this. According to Polygon, our villain, Thanos, will begin the movie with no mercy. What that means is he will prove how bad he is by possibly killing someone insignificant. When in fact, it’s Iron Man or Spider-Man who ends up dead at the hands of Thanos in the comic saga. The question is, will Marvel actually go that far and kill one of their major characters off that early in the film? To be honest, they should.

Who Should Die In Infinity War?

However, by doing so, they will break the hearts of little kids all over the world. But who cares? Did anyone care when Transformers broke my heart when I had to sit and watch Prime and Starscream die? No. Nowadays, movies are too biased towards people’s feelings and their wallets. Killing off a character as loved as Captain America or Spider-Man will be damaging to the bottom line. No more action figures, no more cameos in future Marvel movies — this could signal the end, but who are we kidding? Marvel has a vast database of characters, however, none as big as any of the Avenger figures.

So, will they have the guts to kill any of them off? There is speculation that Captain America will bite the dust. The same goes for Iron Man, but that’s due to contractual duties and age. Now, with a new Spider-Man, Tony Stark gets a new lease on life as his mentor, but how long can Robert Downey Jr. fly around in an iron suit?

I hate to say it, but Marvel has other options now. Winter Soldier does take over as the new Captain America in the comics, and with the new Disney/Fox deal, the X-Men and others are now onboard to join the franchise. Killing off one or more of these main characters will be devastating but in the end, it’s only right.