Donald Trump Is Not Mentally Ill, Just A ‘Petulant Bully’ Unfit To Be President Says Report [Opinion]

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President Donald Trump underwent a full medical examination earlier this week. As has been widely reported, White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson has given Trump a clean bill of health and appears to have scotched the theory that the president is mentally ill. As reported by the Guardian, a neurological examination using the Montreal Cognitive Assessment saw Trump score top marks. In effect, this means that President Trump shows no signs of the sort of neurological degeneration consistent with senility or Alzheimer’s disease.

In short, President Trump is both physically and mentally fit to hold the office of President of the United States. Dr. Jackson could not have been more clear when he said that Trump “has absolutely no cognitive or mental issues whatsoever.”

It’s fair to say that Donald Trump is no ordinary president. His election campaign and the first year of his presidency have shown that Donald Trump is a man who speaks his mind, no matter how distasteful his thoughts may be. The briefest of glances at President Trump’s Twitter feed shows constant attacks on his political enemies, the media, and even on the leaders of other nations.

Trump is a president who went to the United Nations and told them that he was willing to “totally destroy” North Korea. Trump is a president who described white supremacists in Charlottesville as “very fine people,” and this is a president who publicly labels anyone who upsets him with demeaning nicknames.

Donald Trump is a president who has publicly stated that his Twitter feed is the only source of news that can be trusted. Trump has even announced that, later today, he will announce his so-called “fake news” awards. We can be fairly certain that Fox News, will have Trump’s approval, whilst the New York Times and CNN will most certainly not.

President Donald Trump Not Mentally Ill
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Donald Trump Isn’t ‘Losing It,’ But He Is Temperamentally Unfit To Be President

According to CNN, President Trump is not “losing it.” CNN Editor-at-large, Chris Cillizza claims that Trump’s behavior has not changed since he became president. Chizilla argues that Trump has always been a petulant bully with little regard for truth.

“What remains true is that Trump is temperamentally different from any [previous] president. He is publicly petulant. He is hugely mercurial. He is a bully. He seems to have little concern for adhering to established facts.”

“Trump has been all those things his entire life. And he ran on his unpredictability, his anti-politician instincts, his willingness to disrupt the status quo.”

“That’s who people voted for. That version of Donald Trump is who won the White House.”

Of course, none of this means that CNN is about to do a backflip in their coverage of President Trump. Chizilla makes it clear that their view is that Donald Trump is not temperamentally fit to be president.

Other media outlets follow the same line. The Independent, for example, is reporting on White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders comments yesterday about the allegations that Trump had called Haiti and some African nations “s***hole countries.” Sanders made it clear that “the President hasn’t said he didn’t use strong language.”

President Trump Sarah Huckabee Sanders
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Like the Independent, most media outlet coverage on Sanders’ comments conclude that she has admitted that that Trump did describe those countries as “s**tholes.” If you harbored any doubts, the message is clear. President Donald Trump is here, he is here to stay, and he will do things his way.

Trump’s detractors will continue to recoil in horror when the president speaks his mind in a way that they find offensive. Trump’s supporters will continue to tell his detractors that they are simply bitter over Trump’s victory. Their message is equally clear, “suck it up buttercup,” Donald Trump warned that he will be a very different sort of president, and no one can argue that he hasn’t been true to that promise.