Donald Trump’s Report Card Is In: One Third Of Voters Give President Failing Grades [Opinion]

Mark WilsonGetty Images

Donald Trump’s report card for his first full year in office is in, and the president’s grades are nothing to brag about, Politico is reporting.

Most public opinion polls express their results in mundane numbers and percentages: 39 percent approval here, 61 percent disapproval there, and so on. Poltico and Morning Consult, however, carry out a quarterly presidential public opinion poll that expresses its results in a way that may have more resonance with Americans: the dreaded report card. And not unlike your report card from elementary school, there are four per year.

As for Donald Trump, the grades are in for his first full year in office, and as Politico writer Steven Shepard describes it, “if he were back in school, he’d find himself on academic probation.”

Trump was “graded,” so to speak, both overall and in several specific areas. Overall, his grades are pretty dismal.

  • 35 percent of voters give the president an F.
  • 14 percent give him a C.
  • 11 percent give him a D.
  • 34 percent five him either an A or a B.

Women, in particular, were hard on the president’s overall performance.

  • 31 percent gave him an A or B (compared to 38 percent of male voters).
  • 50 percent of women gave him a D or F.

When it comes to specific subjects, so to speak, the voters’ assessment of Trump is still generally pretty grim. He gets the worst grades in healthcare, national debt, climate change, and his famed promise to “drain the swamp.”

For example, when it comes to healthcare, 48 percent give the president a D or an F, while only 27 percent give him an A. On the national debt, 47 percent give the president a D or an F, while 28 percent give him an A or B. On climate change, nearly half of voters (49 percent) give Trump a D or F, while just 24 percent give him an A. And as to Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp,” 42 percent gave Trump a D or F, while only 22 percent gave him an A.

It’s not all bad news for the 45th president: he actually scored middling marks in some area, notably jobs and the economy. For example, 42 percent of voters give Trump an A or B when it comes to jobs, while only 36 percent give him a D or an F. His grades on the economy are almost exactly the same: 42 percent give Trump an A or B, 36 percent give him a D or F.

Poll respondents were also asked to look into the future of Trump’s presidency, now that his first term is a quarter over. Voters don’t seem to be too keen on Trump’s future: 37 percent think Trump’s presidency is going to get worse, 37 percent think it’s going to get better, and 19 percent expect it to be about the same.