Braun Strowman: WWE Needs To Cut The Gimmicks And Hand Over Brock Lesnar’s Title At ‘Royal Rumble’ [Opinion]


WWE superstar Braun Strowman has emerged as the most exciting talent on the WWE roster over the past 12 months. Strowman’s feuds with Sami Zayn, Roman Reigns, and Brock Lesnar moved him from mid-card talent to main event status, but a major WWE title continues to elude the Monster Among Men. Granted, Strowman has moved up the card, headlining PPV events and taking on Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship, both are considerable achievements in themselves, but it really is time for us to see Strowman bag that first major singles title.

As was reported recently by the Inquisitr, January 28 will see Strowman battle Lesnar and Kane at this year’s Royal Rumble. There is no denying that this match indicates that Vince McMahon has huge plans for the Abominable Strowman. It is claimed that McMahon doesn’t want to see Strowman take another defeat at this point in his career, so Kane has been added to the Royal Rumble match to allow Lesnar to retain his title whilst allowing Strowman to avoid a loss.

As reported by Sportskeeda, last night’s Monday Night Raw saw Strowman wreak havoc on the Miztourage after being fired by Raw General Manager Kurt Angle. Of course, Strowman has already been reinstated, so last night’s shenanigans were just another ill-conceived stunt to keep Strowman at the forefront of our minds going into the Royal Rumble. As reported by Uproxx, we even saw Strowman overturn a semi-truck. The problem is that we have seen it all before.

Braun Strowman Brock Lesnar Royal Rumble
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During his feud with Roman Reigns, at this time last year, we saw Strowman overturn an ambulance with an injured Reigns inside. It’s not that these segments and promos are not entertaining, they most certainly are. However, these gimmicks do nothing to move Strowman, or the Monday Night Raw brand, forward. To do that, the WWE network needs to allow Strowman to destroy Lesnar and claim the Universal Championship at the 2018 Royal Rumble.

The rationale is a simple one. Forbes reports that Brock Lesnar is the WWE’s highest paid star. Lesnar is being paid around $12 million to sit on his butt holding on to the Universal Championship whilst in breach of the WWE’s “mandatory” 30-day defense rule. John Cena is also being paid a fortune, reportedly almost $10 million for his occasional appearances.

Of course, both Cena and Lesnar generate considerable income for the WWE through merchandise sales, but it defies belief that Lesnar is allowed to have a very long run as Universal Champion whilst only making an occasional appearance. Strowman never fails to excite wrestling fans, and he has been the mainstay of the Raw brand for over 12 months. The WWE network needs to restore some credibility to the Universal Championship, and that means one of two things.

Either Lesnar returns to the company full time and competes regularly, or Strowman takes the title from him. Strowman would be a credible champion, and if he holds the Universal Championship it would see some real excitement brought to Monday Night Raw as other stars battle to challenge him.

It is high time that the WWE used Strowman to energize the Raw brand, and that means that Strowman should defeat The Beast Incarnate at this year’s Royal Rumble.