Los Angeles Lakers Must Overcome Three Issues In Order To Make A Run [Opinion]

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The Los Angeles Lakers are playing well over the course of their last few games, however, is it enough to stop the rumors of Luke Walton being fired? Just last week, as reported by ESPN, LaVar Ball said that the Lakers are not playing for Walton anymore. Maybe he was right and the team had given up at that point, but all the blame cannot be placed at the feet of Walton.

The Lakers are a storied franchise, however, this season has been full of twist and turns for this young squad. Is there a way for them to turn their season around before it’s too late?

Here Are The Three Biggest Issues The Lakers Have Faced This Season.

New Front Office

With Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka now running the show along with Jeanie Buss, the Lakers are trying to figure out what pieces fit and which don’t. However, neither was around when Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak were building this current stock of players. Jeanie was present, but she played the background and let her brother run the team. Now, each person has to decide who stays and who goes and so far they have done nothing but offer more confusion.

Too Many Skilled Players

The Lakers are one of the rare teams in the NBA where they might have too much talent at certain positions. Their frontcourt is loaded with potential, with three players fighting for playing time at power forward. Luke Walton has to choose between Julius Randle, Kyle Kuzma, and Larry Nance Jr. While there’s only room for two, Walton is trying to squeeze minutes for all three, and by doing so, it’s causing friction and an unstable lineup. Yes, they have won four in a row, but how long until that falls apart?

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Off The Court Issues

While trade rumors are a part of a team’s success or failure, it’s the moves off the court that can disrupt unity on it. The Lakers might be the most talked about team in terms of trade rumors, and rightfully so. With reports circulating daily that Randle, Jordan Clarkson, Brook Lopez, or Larry Nance could be moved, the Lakers have continued to play with that lingering over their heads. Then you can take into account the LaVar Ball situation. With Ball constantly in the media, he’s been a distraction for the Lakers team — and he’s not even a part of the team.

While the Lakers are still searching for an identity, this season has taken a toll on this young squad. A young coach in Walton, a new front office with Johnson and Pelinka, and then you have the nonsense that LaVar Ball brings daily. There’s no wonder the team is in such disarray. Only time will tell if the players and the front office are on the same page.