The #MeToo Sexual Assault Movement Is In Danger Of Becoming A Joke [Opinion]

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It needs to be said, though some are afraid to say it — the #MeToo movement is in danger of becoming a joke. And this is coming from somebody who recently wrote about his experience about sexual assault for the Observer. In the article, this author talks about being an intern for a major radio station in Chicago and having a male manager, who still remains a prominent figure in the industry, trying to violently force oral sex. The sexual part was avoided, but the repercussions of the event nearly led to suicide and still have an impact until this day.

The movement certainly started off strong enough when Jodi Kantor of the New York Times revealed that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein had been sexually harassing and abusing women for decades. Ashley Judd, Gwenyth Paltrow, Darryl Hannah, and Salma Hayek had legitimate complaints. Anthony Rapp and Terry Crews were brave enough to come forward about the sexual harassment they received from other prominent men.

But what started off as a legit movement is turning into a witch hunt used for personal gain and publicity. Now, without any proof whatsoever, we have people like Dustin Hoffman, James Franco, Aziz Ansari, Charlie Sheen, and many others being thrown under the bus. And there are many who believe that although Al Franken’s behavior was questionable, it should have not, in any way, led to a resignation.

Harvey Weinstein Accusations
The accusations against Harvey Weinstein started a movement.Featured image credit: Mark Mainz Getty Images

And it’s only going to get worse. If we throw anybody under the bus because of unproven accusations, then it will be more difficult to conquer the real abusers. The #MeToo movement is turning into something vengeful when it should be about understanding and stopping unwanted behavior.

There is a lot of hypocrisy in this movement. As this author noted a couple months ago in another article for the Inquisitr, Joe Biden and Lady Gaga, two who have certainly been legit activists on many other important issues, piggybacked onto the movement. Let’s not forget that Joe Biden has been seen inappropriately groping and kissing many young women in videos.

Then, there is his friend Lady Gaga, who had no problem making a video with two well-known sexual predators. However, these two certainly mean well with their activism. And they certainly wouldn’t be the only hypocrites in the movement. Actually, there are many men and women in Hollywood who have known about Weinstein’s behavior for years and have not moved a finger.

As the Independent notes, Seal called out Oprah Winfrey after her well-received speech about fighting sexual misconduct.

Though Oprah’s speech was certainly one of the best ones ever given at an awards show, Seal should have never apologized for his criticism; he was 100 percent right — though, as he said, his comments were more about Hollywood in general than just Oprah Winfrey.

The #MeToo movement has become a vehicle for many politicians and celebrities to promote themselves rather than the actual cause. And it’s very depressing to those of us whose lives have almost ended due to truly horrific experiences. If you need to promote a new project, it’s so easy to get attention by making a vague accusation against an actor or director. If you want to be seen as a feminist supporter, just attach the #MeToo hashtag no matter how much of a hypocrite you are (just ask Louis C.K.). If you have done nothing in your life to curb sexual harassment, just feign outrage at those who question the #MeToo movement so you can appear “woke.”

It’s true that, like in any other social movement, there will be some innocent people thrown under the bus. But the real danger of what the #MeToo movement is turning into is that those of us who were supposed to be helped by the movement are fading into the background.