‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 123 – ‘Body And Soul, Full Power Release! Goku And Vegeta!’ [Opinion]

Phát HữuFlickr / Public Domain

Universe 7 and Universe 11 continue their invigorating encounter in the Tournament of Power. Episode 123 is full of spectacle to behold, hitting all cylinders on a positive note, making every scene “out of the common” from the Dragon Ball Super we used to know. Apparently, what’s noteworthy on this episode is the fact that DBS is taking a different approach to battle, adding more technicalities rather than merely meeting fire with fire and adding a uniqueness that removes the common denominator between the two leading characters, Goku and Vegeta.

Goku’s strategy of plotting an opening to attack Jiren by simultaneously using Instant Transmission and planting Ki was a brilliant move, and at the same time, realistic. Instead of pushing Goku’s character to go Ultra Instinct (which the show probably is saving for the highlights), Dragon Ball Super dashed an amount of realism that doesn’t show all the time; powering up and attacking head-on is the solution and coming up with a well-thought strategy can do wonders.

Vegeta, on the other hand, revealed the highlight of the show. His newly found strength, a power higher than Super Saiyan Blue allegedly dubbed as SSB 2 (since we don’t have a confirmed name yet), sets new avenues for every character. Dragon Ball Super is setting the differences between the two characters, Goku and Vegeta, which is a beautiful thing to witness. The Prince of Saiyan, engulfed with his “Saiyan Pride” and arrogance, sought to be a weakness in the Dragon Ball Super history but turned out to be a powerful thing while Goku remains on its roots.

Adding to the positive views on this episode is Jiren and how Dragon Ball Super is slowly revealing the deeper side of the Pride Trooper. Jiren’s acknowledgment to Vegeta as a warrior means respect to the Saiyan by giving his all during their encounter. The statement prequels Jiren as a man with honor and dignity, and he lives up to his principles by acknowledging his opponent’s bravery.

Further, what’s notable in Episode 123 is the gradual pacing of revealing Jiren’s actual power. The show, as of the moment, focuses on the growth of every character, alongside the adversities they have to undergo to discover such new found strengths – a very Dragon Ball specialty.

The inclusion of the other warriors’ brawls also made Episode 123 extra special, continuing its momentum from last week’s episode. It is evident that the Tournament of Power previously focused on a single battle per event which is a little bit frustrating. This time, DBS provides an ample amount of minutes per encounters making the tournament more connected.

Episode 123 continues its momentum of showcasing epic battles, intense dialogues, and exhilarating character growths. The technicalities Dragon Ball Super portrayed in every match made every encounter extra special, offering something new to the audience. The multi-warrior battle screentime also adds up to the excellence. Furthermore, the pacing in the Tournament of Power appears very reasonable, though its a little bit frustrating since you’re left wanting more. But, with that being said, it signals a positive response to Dragon Ball Super.

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