Why The New York Yankees Should Go After Clay Buchholz For Rotation Help [Opinion]

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The New York Yankees should be rejoicing that some of the players they had their eyes on have either signed with their old team or included other teams as possible suitors. With the Yankees possibly missing out of Gerrit Cole and Yu Darvish still playing “catch me if you can,” the Yankees would be wise to look elsewhere. Why not take a shot at one of their old nemesis, Clay Buchholz?

With the New York Yankees’ possible starting rotations being filled in with Jordan Montgomery, CC Sabathia, Masahiro Tanaka, Luis Severino, and Sonny Gray, the Yanks need someone able to full in just in case of an injury or tired arm. This is the perfect spot for Buchholz. Last season, Buchholz signed with the Philadelphia Phillies but only played in two games due to a season-ending injury. With the Phillies ready to go in another direction, this will be a year of redemption for the former Boston Red Sox pitcher.

Buchholz has not performed on a CY Young level but he’s been steady. During his career, according to Sports Reference, he’s posted a win/loss record of 81-62 with 1,175 innings pitched with 904 strikeouts and an ERA of 4.01. While the Yankees are going for the bigger names, Buchholz has something those names don’t, a World Series ring. He’s been in the big games and won. Yu Darvish nor Gerrit Cole can say that.

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Clay Buchholz Would Be A Great Fit With The New York Yankees

What would be good about this signing is that the Yankees shouldn’t expect much. By adding Buchholz, the Yankees can still keep their core intact while adding a serviceable veteran arm to the rotation. With the health issues Sabathia has had over the years, it will be wise to have someone waiting in the wings to provide relief when needed. Instead, the Yankees are fishing for an overpriced pitcher when they don’t have to.

The offseason provided the Yankees an opportunity to go on the offensive with the trade for Giancarlo Stanton. However, championships are won on the mound. You can never have enough arms and the Houston Astros proved as much during their World Series run. Darvish, Cole, and Jake Arrieta are good solid players but their price is just a little too steep for Brian Cashman to pay right now with Jacoby Ellsbury still on the books.

If the Yankees wish to go the cheap route and bring in someone to eat innings, then Clay Buchholz is their guy.