Meghan Markle Must Do For The British Royal Family What Barack Obama Did For The White House [Opinion]

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Once Hollywood, always Hollywood should be the motto for Meghan Markle as she prepares for life with the British royal family. According to Us Weekly, Meghan Markle deleted her social media accounts this week. What does this mean? Not much considering she had stopped using them once the relationship got serious. But why?

The main reason is that no one in the royal family has any personal social media accounts, but yet they are everywhere and covered by everyone. So why not change that? In England, the British royal family is top news, however, in the United States, we knew very little about them. This is where Meghan Markle can change that.

Remember when Barack Obama took office? America was so used to presidents that were closed off from the public that we didn’t know how to handle one who wanted to be so close to it. Obama appeared on talk shows, did NCAA March Madness brackets, and made himself as accessible as possible. The same for his wife, Michelle. Both the president and the first lady could be seen almost anywhere at any given moment. Plenty of that was due to their presence on social media.

I get there are rules for the royal family, and Markle seems fine with changing her lifestyle to fit theirs, but she could be the one to bridge the gap between the generations. Prince Harry is a bit more open-minded than the rest. What I’m suggesting is not an all-out reality TV segment, but a few tweets per day mixed in with some selfies could go a long way when it comes to connecting their world and ours.

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As a fan of Suits, it pained me to hear of her departure, but to know that she has erased herself completely from her fans is a bit more shocking. Prince Harry is not marrying a woman who was groomed to be his wife. Meghan Markle was in the public eye and the lust of many men over the years. Why rob us of that?

We know of the royal family, however, we don’t know the royal family. What goes on during family vacations, birthdays, cookouts, and other social events? These are things we got to see with the Obamas. We saw the love Barack shared with Michelle. We watched as their daughters grew up, and we also felt connected to the president, probably for the first time. Barack was one of us, not the color of his skin, but as an American.

With one click of a button, Meghan Markle and the British royal family took that away from us.