Alabama Crimson Tide: Guess The Playoff Committee Had It Right All Along [Opinion]

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From the moment the Auburn Tigers defeated Alabama Crimson Tide back in November, college football fans rejoiced, as they received an early Christmas present. With the loss, there was a good chance that Nick Saban and the Tide would be left out of the top 4 as teams headed into Championship Week.

According to CBS Sports, in order for Bama to make it, they needed some help. Going into Championship Week ranked 5th, Bama needed Georgia to beat Auburn and then needed either Oklahoma, Clemson or Wisconsin to fall. Well, Georgia won and Wisconsin loss, and despite protest and pissed off fans, Bama was given another shot. Did they deserve it? That’s’ the question no one is asking now.

Here’s the thing about second chances, some don’t deserve them for a variety of reasons. Yes, it’s believed that Alabama has its fair share of haters but what people feared the most was what happened during their playoff run. Their first opponent was the No. 1 ranked Clemson Tigers. The intriguing part was that Clemson beat Alabama in the National Championship last year.

Alabama Crimson Tide Earned Their Title The Hard Way

When Bama drew Clemson, the cheers could be heard all over the country. There was no way a team coming off their defeat at the hands of Auburn would beat the No. 1 ranked team in the nation. But I guess that’s why they play the games. The draw was to prove that the Playoff Committee had made a mistake by adding Bama. Most expected a loss, but the Tide shocked the world, won, and moved on to the National Championship Game.

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Next up, was a date with SEC rival Georgia.

From the start, Alabama was outmatched, and those same haters who didn’t want them in were now feeling relieved. However, Saban let go of his loyalties and coached the game the only way he knows how — with his gut. In the end, Bama pulled off one of the best comeback wins and walked away with the title. But more than that, Alabama proved that the Playoff Committee not only got it right, but the rest of the nation knew what Clemson and Georgia found out the hard way. Never bet against the Tide when their backs are against the wall.