‘Marvel’s Runaways’ Characters Grades For The First Season [Opinion]

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While Netflix is enjoying a great run with their collection of Marvel hits, Hulu had no choice but to join the race with Marvel’s Runaways, which was recently renewed for a second season (via Deadline). The main question entering their first season was if the teen hero show could keep up with the likes of Daredevil, The Punisher, and Luke Cage. Well, after 10 episodes, it’s clear Marvel’s Runaways has staked its claim as one of the best shows in 2017.

With a cast that’s as deep as the storylines, we will grade each Marvel’s Runaways’ character from Season 1.

Alex Wilder

Alex is the leader of the crew, but he has no powers, no real fighting skills, and at times can be a real pain in the rear end. However, he’s shown flashes of brilliance with his plans but it’s still that air of mystery about him that has fans questioning his true motives. Alex started off with a high-grade as the one who fought to get the band back together, but keeping the truth away for the rest of the Runaways knocked him down. Grade: B

Nico Minoru

Nico was off in her own world until Alex came knocking. Her style of dress and rude personality can rub anyone the wrong way, but that’s also what makes her stand out from the rest. At one point, Nico almost ruined everything by going to the cops, but she was the one who put out the call to help when Alex was kidnapped. Nico was another character rated high until she decided to cheat on Alex without telling him she has feelings for Karolina. Bad move. Grade: B

Gert Yorkes

Gert is the wild card of the bunch. She has no real powers, however, she does have the coolest pet in the world. Gert is outspoken just like Nico, and she really comes off as a pain in the butt. However, she’s loyal and will do whatever it takes to keep her friends safe. All she has to do is admit to herself that she has fallen for Chase. Grade: A

Karolina Dean

The alien of the team. Karolina can fly and shoot beams from her hands. So cool. It took a while for Karolina to come around, and she can be a bit snobby. However, she earned a high grade in the Season One finale when she sacrificed herself for the team. She deserves an A, but she did kind of steal Nico away from Alex. Grade: B

Chase Stein

Poor Chase. He has to pretend to be stupid at school, while at home, he has to protect himself and his mother from his abusive father. Chase has smarts, which we’re now seeing but he fell for the wrong girl. When he found the right one, he was too stubborn to tell the truth. Even with that, Chase has been a protector of sorts for the team. Grade: A

Molly Hernandez

The first of the crew to discover her powers. Molly is the youngest, but he’s also the bravest of them all. When the dirty works need to be done, Molly is always ready to fight. Without Molly, the Runaways would not know the full truth about their parents, Pride, and Jonah. Grade: A

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Catherine Wilder

She’s a bit on the scary side, but at the same time, her presence on the screen has often been behind her husband. She needs a bigger role. Grade: C

Geoffrey Wilder

At first, he came across as a loving father to Alex, but we would soon find out the truth. Geoffery is a thug who does not keep his word. He betrayed his friends once he got out of prison and then helped frame his own son for a murder he didn’t commit. Grade: C

Leslie Dean

Just plain evil. Cheated on her husband with an alien, lied to her daughter on many occasions, and killed her friends. Grade: F

Frank Dean

Frank just got into the picture but he snitched on Pride and the kids on more than one occasion. His goal should be to save his own daughter, but he likes the power too much. What a disgrace. Grade: F

Janet Stein

Janet is a tough call. She has cheated on her husband, however, she’s also the one being abused in her marriage. Her goal is to protect Chase at all cost but she’s still a part of Pride. She was ready to give her life for her son’s. Grade: C

Victor Stein

The mastermind behind the technology everywhere, but other than that, he’s a piece of trash. Grade: F

Stacey Yorkes

Stacey, much like her daughter Gert, is weird. However, her heart is in the right place. Pride has offered her family riches, but she was ready to give it all up for her kids. Grade: B

Dale Yorkes

The funniest out of the bunch. He and Stacey possess a strong connecting in the marriage, which will earn him the same grade as she. He loves his kids, plus, he got Gert a dinosaur. How cool is that? Grade: B

Tina Minoru

The evil one should be her name. But lately, Tina has shown a softer side. With the truth finally out about who killed Amy, Tina showed self-control and didn’t kill Leslie. For that she deserves an F. However, I’ll be nice since she was genuinely hurt. And how can we forget that Tina was also cheated on by her husband. Grade: B

Robert Minoru

He’s weak. He loves Nico but hates his wife. He was ready to give his life for his mistress, forgetting that he has a wife and daughter of his own. Grade: F


The villain of Marvel’s Runaways and the man who has everyone on a leash. Jonah will kill anyone who gets in his way, and that includes children. He’s just a bad guy all the way around. Grade: A