Meghan Markle Could Still Star In A Movie [Opinion]

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It seems unlikely that Meghan Markle will be starring in a movie anytime soon according to Hello Magazine but only time will tell. Markle was reportedly shortlisted for a role in the upcoming James Bond film according to Metro. However, her marriage this year to Prince Harry seems to have put her acting career to an end. The report by Metro on December 29, 2017, mentioned that five actresses were shortlisted for the role and Meghan was included. On hearing news of her engagement, the list was shortened to four, putting her out of contention for the role.

The American actress speaking to Hello Magazine in November 2017 confirmed that she is giving up acting. Markle revealed this in their first joint TV interview, stating that it was time to work as a team with Prince Harry. This means she will be playing a crucial role in supporting Prince Harry in his charitable works and doing what royals do. The actress seems to be focused on love and preparing for the responsibilities that come with being a member of the royal family.

Interestingly, there is no decree from the royal family stopping her from taking a role in acting again if she so desires. A report on Bustle quotes Sarika Bose, a university professor with knowledge of the royal family stating that,

“It would be ground breaking if she were able to continue in her job.”

In April 2017, Markle also shut down her blog, this was obviously in preparation for her marriage with Prince Harry. The American actress will also be leaving her role as Rachel Zane in the TV show Suits which she starred in for seven years. The actress seems to have sacrificed her regular life and career to be with Prince Harry.

However, current trends in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage preparation indicate a break from the norm. Markle will reportedly be having a maid of honor according to the Telegraph, which is an American wedding tradition. The report by the Telegraph also suggests that Markle might have a bridal shower, a rehearsal dinner, a short reception, cupcakes instead of fruitcakes and a bachelorette party. These are all American traditions that might be adopted by the bride to be as she gets ready for the wedding.

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In addition to these, this royal wedding is the first to be held on a weekend and not on a weekday. These differences show that the couple is not too fixed in tradition. Although the actress seems to be quitting acting, for now, it won’t be surprising if she returns to playing a minor role in the future if she so desires. Since there is no law preventing her from acting and they have already broken many royal wedding traditions.