Jax Taylor Leaked Audio Stinks Of Ratings Or A Ploy For Fame [Opinion]

Jax Taylor doesn’t seem to think that cheating is a big deal. Over the years, this Vanderpump Rules star has cheated on various girlfriends, and he doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal. When he cheated on Brittany Cartwright with Faith Stowers, many people weren’t surprised that he wasn’t able to settle down with one woman. Brittany was convinced that he was loyal to her, but she learned that not only had he cheated on her, but he had also cheated several times and told his mistress that he never wanted to marry Brittany. The conversation was recorded, and Brittany heard it as last night’s episode came to an end. Fans were disappointed that they didn’t hear the recording during the Vanderpump Rules episode last night.

According to several viewers, Vanderpump Rules fans were disappointed to hear that they won’t be hearing the audio recording, and many called for Bravo to share the footage. So what’s the deal? Why won’t fans hear what Jax Taylor said about his girlfriend behind her back? There are many theories as to why people won’t be hearing the audio, including legal ramifications. However, there could be other reasons as to why the recording is such a big focus without ever being played to Vanderpump Rules viewers.

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For one, Bravo knows that the recording is gold when it comes to ratings. People have watched the episode, and they are anticipating the next episode to see if they get to hear the recording. Bravo hasn’t said anything about sharing the recording, but thousands of people will tune in next week to see if they get to hear Jax say mean things about Brittany.

However, there could be another factor to this recording. Many viewers are asking why someone would want to record Taylor. Faith Stowers supposedly recorded him after they slept together, talking about how he doesn’t want to marry Brittany. Faith could have recorded Jax because she wants something in return. Maybe she’s looking for a full-time position on Vanderpump Rules, or maybe she’s looking for fame and attention. She’s already getting her name mentioned in various reports in relation to this incident. Only time will tell whether Faith did this to get famous and whether Bravo is keeping the audio hidden for the sake of ratings. One thing is for certain: some viewers are convinced that this whole audio storyline stinks of hidden motives.

Jax Taylor is still with Brittany Cartwright, and she’s been criticized for going back to Jax after he admitted to cheating on her.