NFL Rumors: Kyle Shanahan Of The San Francisco 49ers Better Watch His Back With Bill Belichick [Opinion]

Lynne SladkyAP Images

The San Francisco 49ers are in the middle of the New England Patriots’ feud, and it could go deeper than Jimmy Garoppolo. With reports of the Patriots dynasty possibly over and rumors of Bill Belichick leaving, why not the 49ers? Yes, I know Kyle Shanahan is there and after their great finish to the year, it would seem like a crazy idea for a change, but what if?

Look at what just happened with the Oakland Raiders. Jack Del Rio had a bad year and as soon as Mark Davis got wind that Jon Gruden wanted back into coaching, Del Rio was out despite his steady progress with the young team. Who’s to say that Robert Kraft won’t do the same with Belichick. Kraft has already said he won’t trade Belichick but who knows how personal this issue between Kraft, Tom Brady, and Belichick goes. With the Patriots one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl this season, what happens if the wheels come off and they don’t? Will Kraft or Belichick just throw in the towel and move forward?

If that were to happen, then San Francisco could be the top destination for Belichick. According to NBC Sports, there are rumors that Belichick would love to return to New York to coach the Giants, but why? What do the Giants have to offer him that screams contenders in the next two to three years? The 49ers, however, already have Garoppolo, whom Belichick never wanted to trade, a young stout defense, and a ground game that fits Belichick’s style.

The only thing missing are targets for Garoppolo and with the 49ers set to spend money this offseason, that will no longer be a problem. But the big question is, will the 49ers go the route of the Raiders and do that to Shanahan? If the Niners have a chance at one of the greatest coaches of all time, then they should go for it before the Giants make a run at him.

Garoppolo was set to become next in line when Brady retires, however, Brady himself has stated he can go a few more years. With that, the Pats had no choice but to move Garoppolo. As backstabbing as this sound, one has to remember, this is still a business. The Oakland Raiders saw a chance to get a good coach, took it and will cross their fingers in hopes it all works out. Belichick is different. Gruden has a ring, but his was won off the work done by another coach. Belichick has built a dynasty from the ground up, and the 49ers have a similar foundation already in place that could rival the Patriots.

Shanahan deserves credit, but the real hero has been Garoppolo. But there is another thing to factor in. Who drafted Jimmy G? Who saw his potential before others did? And, why did Belichick trade him there instead of Cleveland? While it was happening, it seemed innocent, but what if there was a plan in place from the beginning?

I know it’s far-fetched to think but Garoppolo alone will not make the 49ers contenders next season. They will need to be led by someone who has been there before. Shanahan has done a remarkable job, but players choose coaches just as well as they choose certain players to play for. Belichick will be a hot commodity once the season is over, and if Shanahan is not careful he could find himself as the next Jack Del Rio.