Los Angeles Lakers: LaVar Ball Could be Speaking For Lonzo Concerning Luke Walton [Opinion]

Sean M. HaffeyGetty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers are dealing with a struggling Lonzo Ball and his outspoken father, LaVar Ball. Saturday, LaVar told ESPN that the Lakers don’t want to play for Luke Walton anymore. If that’s true, then it’s still not his place to say that to the media. The Lakers have not achieved their potential this season, however, they are a young team dealing a new front office and a possible facelift of the franchise.

The bigger issue facing the Lakers is what if LaVar Ball is not speaking his mind but the thoughts of Lonzo Ball? With Lonzo the starting point guard, he may have shared his frustrations with his dad and since he can’t come out and say it, he knew his father could. This could very well be true. But if it isn’t, then the Lakers have a problem I figured they would when it was known the team wanted to draft Ball.

All signs point to LaVar Ball. There must be something done about this character before he tears the team apart.

Lonzo is already in the NBA living his dream. What LaVar must worry about are his other sons who are now playing in another country. Their safety, development, and need for discipline should be the top priority. No need for him to worry about Lonzo. I get that the team is accessible to him and he’s looking out for his child, but there comes a point where enough is enough. Even LaVar has to know he crossed the line with his latest remark.

If the Lakers have given up on Walton, then so be it. Let Magic Johnson, Jeanie Buss, and Rob Pelinka handle that, not him. The Lakers are dealing with enough already and now they will have to field questions about their loyalty to Walton for the next few weeks. There’s no way this team can stay focus with trade rumors swirling, inconsistent play and now this.

After losing their ninth straight game, many would expect there to be some backlash of sorts. But to have a parent of a player possibly speak what was said in confidence, just goes to show what type of person LaVar Ball is. The bottom line is, the Lakers must do something about the cancer in their locker room and the one that’s standing outside of it.