Vegeta’s Ultra Instinct Highlighted In Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 [Opinion]

Dash ToriyamaFlickr/Cropped and Resized

Dragon Ball Super Episode 122, the Vegeta and Jiren encounter, just recently concluded. With all the talk about Vegeta surpassing his limits, and probably reaching Ultra Instinct transformation, once again, got the attention of many. With the recent episode not only teasing, in fact, nearly concluding Vegeta’s Ultra Instinct transformation, is it happening soon?

While I’m halfway done with my Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 review, I just can’t help myself to publish this intriguing, yet satisfying subject to everyone. Yes, the recently concluded Dragon Ball Super episode, once again teased us with Vegeta’s Ultra Instinct transformation possibilities.

Whis, Goku, and the fans noticed something strange with Vegeta’s performance in his encounter with Jiren, which leads to a possible Ultra Instinct transformation. Apparently, the idea is booming too fast, with fans sharing the commentary all over social media. Probably, you’re still waiting for the English subtitled version of Dragon Ball Super Episode 122, but I’ll break it down for you.

Vegeta’s Ultra Instinct topic started out with Whis thinking the Prince of All Saiyans is attempting to achieve the Ultra Instinct transformation. While Vegeta was going head-to-head with Jiren, and successfully landing punches, Whis believed that the Saiyan wants to obtain the Ultra Instinct transformation. Piccolo buffered this statement by mentioning that Vegeta was analyzing Jiren’s movements during his battle against Goku. Thus, resulting in an effective counter to Jiren’s impossible techniques.

Next, Goku laid out some clues to a possible Vegeta Ultra Instinct transformation as well. Twitter user @Herms98 tweeted that right after Dragon Ball Super Episode 122, Goku commented that Vegeta would surpass Super Saiyan Blue. Now, this one is a little bit tricky since there’s not much of a succession known to Super Saiyan Blue form except the Ultra Instinct form. So, it could be Super Saiyan Blue 2, Ultra Instinct, or just another tease game Dragon Ball Super plays.

Finally, the fans noticed some difference in Vegeta’s hair color and eyes too, which could hint to his possible Ultra Instinct moment. On Twitter, supporters highlighted two clues as of the moment. One, Vegeta’s hair emits a different type of blue color compared to Goku. Second, when Jiren defeated Vegeta, the Saiyan has silver eyes, and black hair which is similar to the omen that happens when Goku unlocks Ultra Instinct.

Though the hair color seems not too flattering to be considered as a Vegeta Ultra Instinct clue, speculations like this may or may not hold the truth. It’s not too outlandish to speculate, especially with the immersive response of the viewers to Dragon Ball Super. We’ll leave it up to you. Do you think Vegeta will hit Ultra Instinct after all these clues?