‘Marvel’s Runaways’: Chase Made His Decision And Gert Was The Right Choice [Opinion]

Mike CopollaGetty Images for Hulu

Lost in the shuffle of superpowers, murderous parents, and lies is the fact that Marvel’s Runaways is still a teen show. And, with teenagers comes the possibility of romance. From the beginning, it was believed that Chase and Karolina would be the hot item, but Karolina put an end to that as she expressed her feelings for Nico. However, waiting in the wings was Gert.

According to CBR, her feelings for Chase has always been there but the feeling of being invisible to him forced her to keep a distance. But with everything going on between the Runaways, their parents, Pride, Jonah and the truth about Amy’s death, Gert and Chase felt it was time to put their cards on the table.

At first glance, Gert comes off as the oddball of the crew. She’s not with, nor has ever been with the in-crowd, and she talks as if she’s the top nerd of the school. However, that’s what makes her so unique. It’s easy to fall for the prettiest, well-dressed, long hair Homecoming Queen, but it takes a special man to see beyond the outer-layer.

Pairing Chase with Karolina would seem like the typical thing to do. Chase is popular, she’s a beauty and their parents are both in the spotlight. Those same reasons why they could be viewed as the perfect couple are the same reasons they wouldn’t work. Chase is outspoken while Karolina has been closed off from the world. She’s starting to come into her own, but Karolina comes across as shallow at times even if she doesn’t know it.

Featured image credit: Mike CoppolaGetty Images for Hulu

While Gert is quirky, she’s far from ugly. The glasses, weird fashion sense and the purple hair might have turned viewers off at first. However, in “Doomsday”, we saw a new Gert which got the attention of Chase. As both teens danced, they expressed their feelings which led to Gert and Chase having sex.

Maybe it was a bit fast but these are still high school students with raging hormones. Chase realized that Karolina was out the picture but in a way, it was as if he knew that all along. Chase had no idea Karolina was into Nico but he did know that his feelings for Gert were always there.

Gert took a chance. She knew the truth about Karolina’s feelings for Nico and went for the boy of her dreams. Maybe she thought she didn’t have a chance but Gert is not one to back down from anything and in the end, she won the prize. Will it last? That remains to be seen but for the moment, Chase and Gert got what they wanted. And while the pairing looks weird on the outside, they’re perfect for each other where it counts.