New England Patriots: Bill Belichick And Tom Brady Are The Shaq And Kobe Of The NFL [Opinion]

Matt SlocumAP Images

The New England Patriots are in trouble, according to ESPN. With a scathing report that Robert Kraft, Tom Brady, and Bill Belichick have been at odds for years, fans of the Patriots and the NFL are torn. But what people must remember is families fight. When you spend 18 years with the same people, things are said, actions and reactions are made and issues arise. It’s human nature. The same issues arose with Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, and Phil Jackson during their time with the Los Angeles Lakers. What’s the difference?

The Lakers did not win five championships while they were together, but that’s because they broke the team up before it could happen. Belichick and Brady have been joined at the hip so long, they no longer have to speak to one another to understand how the other is feeling. While this report does offer some damaging content, it also proves that the Patriots are no different from any other team in any sport.

So what if there’s a little turmoil going on between Belichick, Brady, and Kraft. According to the report, the fighting is nothing new, however, the Patriots have still found ways to win. In the end, that’s all that matters, right? This is where Shaq and Kobe messed up at. They were both hell-bent on being the man that they forgot the team always comes first. No matter how ESPN reports this story, both Belichick and Brady have always managed to put the team first. This is why they are better than 90 percent of the teams in the NFL.

How many people can honestly say they like everyone they work with? This is the only way to view Belichick and Brady. What if they never got along but they knew they needed one another to reach the level where they are now? Shaq and Kobe were good apart, but together, they were legendary. If they could have put their egos to the side, there’s no telling how far they could have gone as a unit. Maybe this is a conversation Kraft had with his two employees. These are three men who’ve been accused of cheating, pulled off the impossible in a 28-3 Super Bowl comeback victory and pulled off one of the most controversial quarterback switches ever. They can handle a few words from sources and the media.

Who cares if Tom Brady had a problem with Jimmy Garoppolo? Brady is fighting father time and so far, he’s winning. This is not Joe Montana in San Francisco fending off Steve Young. This is still one of the best to ever play at the tender age of 40 still playing at an MVP level. Brady has said he has another good two to three seasons in him. Maybe Belichick wanted to give the keys to Garoppolo next season and Brady felt he wasn’t ready to let them go. Ok, a miscommunication there. So what if Brady got into an argument with Josh McDaniels on the sidelines earlier this year. From the report, McDaniels wouldn’t shut up about Brady missing a throw. Ok, how many times have we said that about Brady? Mistakes happen, but since it’s New England, it’s a bigger deal simply because they’re still winning.

If this were to happen in Cleveland, would it be such a big deal? This is so similar to Shaq and Kobe that it’s scary. No one could stop the Lakers but themselves when they were together and that’s just what happened. Yes, the media played a huge role but so did Jackson, Kobe, and Shaq. The difference with the Patriots is, they won’t allow that to happen. There may come a time when it all unravels but that will be due to age. Brady is not Benjamin Button and sooner or later, he will decline, however, 2017 is not that season. The sad part is, if the Pats don’t win this year, this story will somehow be blamed for it. Like this is the one thing that managed to take the Pats down. I’ve read it all day, the Patriots dirty laundry was finally aired and this is the end of the dynasty. Sorry, but if these reports are true, the only people having a hard time dealing with this is everyone outside of New England.

The team issued a statement Friday saying they are “united,” but what else would you expect? It’s playoff time in Foxborough and with that, all issues will be put to the side for the greater good of the team. Let them fight, argue, or not even like each other. Their job is to show up at work, suit up, and win games. No ESPN report will ever stop that.