New York Yankees: Bryce Harper Has A Decision To Make In 2018, Yanks Or Nationals [Opinion]

Pablo Martinez MonsivaisAP Images

The New York York Yankees made a few great moves during the offseason, but it’s what could happen during the MLB trade deadline that could propel them to title No. 28. With Giancarlo Stanton already in tow to pair with Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez, the Yankees are one trade away from the best lineup in MLB history. It starts and ends with Bryce Harper.

The Washington Nationals will do everything in their power to sign Harper to a long-term deal but his time with the Nats might be over. During his six years with the team, the Nats have made the postseason four of the six seasons, but never getting past the LDS. While the Nationals have owned the NL East, Harper and his teammates have done nothing magical as a unit.

As a hitter, Harper has accomplished everything he possibly can, but this is a team sport and it might be time he begins to view the game as such. The Nats are once again favorites to take the East with the Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves, and New York Mets going through a rebuilding phase of sorts, But Harper has to want more than beating up on inferior teams every season than watching the Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros, and possible Yankees chase the ring. It’s time for Harper to demand more.

However, this can also go for the Washington Nationals as an organization. Why keep throwing money at players who are not getting you where you need to be? With the door open slightly, this is where the New York Yankees could go in for the kill. Imagine a lineup that features Stanton, Judge, and Harper. It seems far-fetched but it’s also a possibility. According to Bleacher Report, a 15-year $600 million deal should be taken seriously.

With Harper not signed yet, the Yankees could wait until the deadline and offer a package of young players the Nats might not have any choice but to accept. If Harper and the Nationals cannot agree on a new deal, then they will face the realization of Harper walking away with nothing in return. No matter how much bad blood there is, no team wants that. It doesn’t matter if the Nats refuse to deal with the Yankees, there are not too many teams in the league with who can offer the Nats a package that could rival the Yanks.

A deal that includes Aaron Hicks, Gleyber Torres, possibly Jacoby Ellsbury (if he’s still there) or maybe Sanchez could be too good to pass up. What we know is that it will take a load to pry Harper away, however, this is one of those rare deals Cashman cannot walk away from.

For a team that was one game away from the World Series in 2017, adding Bryce Harper could put them right back in dynasty talk for the next six years or so. The money will be steep but by moving Ellsbury and possibly CC Sabathia, the Yankees can afford to put their foot on the pedal and go after Harper without any regrets.

This is the type of move George Steinbrenner approved of and one of the main reasons why the New York Yankees are so loved, feared and hated in MLB. As much as Harper has to demand more, the Yankees must get back to what has made them so special over the years.