‘The X-Files’ And ‘9-1-1’ Are A Winning Combination For FOX Network: Nonstop Action And Thrills [Opinion]

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The X-Files premiered on FOX at 8 p.m. starting with intense scenes that will lead to an all new apocalyptic plot twist. Then Fox Mulder got involved in an amazing car chase, just as Skinner learned the whole world was in peril. Next, on FOX’s 9-1-1 premiere a baby got stuck in a drain, a woman got choked by a snake, and a little girl was threatened by burglars. The new 9-1-1 is an action-packed drama about firemen, police, and 9-1-1 operators.

The X-Files and 9-1-1 provided an action-packed adrenal rush for Wednesday night FOX viewers. Both shows were beyond intense, but only 5.189 million people tuned in to watch The X-Files and 6.809 million tuned in to catch 9-1-1 at 9 p.m. according to TV Series Finale.

FOX’s new 9-1-1 attracted 1.80 million younger viewers aged 18 to 49 while The X-Files had 1.40 million from that coveted demographic. While these ratings are not phenomenal, nor do they come close to matching the ratings of earlier X-Files seasons, both The X-Files and 9-1-1 are among the top four rated FOX programs in 2018.

The X-Files premiere last year attracted over 16 million viewers according to Variety, but then reportedly disappointed those viewers, so numbers are down this year. Plus, The X-Files premiere had a great time slot last year, after a major NFL game.

Still, viewers have plenty of time for delayed viewing options or see The X-Files here and then view 9-1-1 here on FOX. These are definitely premieres that should not be missed, so prepare to be amazed. Watch these premieres this week and be sure to catch Episode 2 of both The X-File Season 11 and 9-1-1, Season 1 next Wednesday night.

If The X-Files Season 10 left FOX viewers a bit disillusioned with the legendary alien conspiracy series, Season 11 promises not to make the same mistake. While Season 10 was bogged down with backstories, Season 11 is a standalone thriller that needs no introduction.

FOX network has certainly pulled out all the stops for its Wednesday night lineup. Their rescue themed 9-1-1 series premiere was intensely suspenseful, and quite a follow-up to The X-Files.

Angela Bassett of 9-1-1
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FOX is the network to watch for action, suspense and thrills on Wednesday nights. Don’t miss another episode of The X-Files or 9-1-1.

Watch The X-Files and 9-1-1 Wednesday nights on the FOX Network.