New York Yankees Must Be Careful When It Comes To Yu Darvish And His Inconsistencies [Opinion]

Rick ScuteriAP Images

In this new edition of New York Yankees Rumors, the Yankees are still on the hunt for starting pitching and it seems that Yu Darvish might be next on their list according to Just as early as last week, trade winds were picking up chatter that Gerrit Cole of the Pittsburgh Pirates was a sure bet to be heading to the Bronx. But the deal never happened and now Brian Cashman has directed his attention elsewhere.

While adding Darvish seems like a good deal, the Yankees must be careful regarding which Yu Darvish they obtain.

Will the New York Yankees get the pitcher who struck out 277 batters in 2013 or will they get the one who had a 21.60 ERA in the 2017 World Series? With the Yankees only a game away from the World Series last season, Cashman has gone all in this offseason. However, what he must not do is continue to chase the big names over quality production.

The Yankees have an ace, hell, they may have three in the rotation already even without Darvish. By adding Darvish to a rotation that includes CC Sabathia, Jordan Montgomery, Luis Severino and Masahiro Tanaka, the Yankees arms can keep them in any ball game. But is Yu Darvish worth it? Is he worth paying $20-25 million per year? If so, then he needs to pitch like an ace and not a third arm.

Darvish is a big fish in the free agent market. If the Yankees were to sign him, then his presence could all but guarantee the Yankees a trip to the World Series. On the other hand, a move this big could also backfire on the Bronx Bombers. Darvish has spent five years in the majors (missed 2015 with injury), but he has not had more than 10 wins since 2013. What makes him so desirable is that he consistently flirts with 200+ strikeouts per season.

While his strikeout ratio is one of the best in MLB, the Yankees need much more than that. With Sabathia as the lead veteran on the staff, they need someone who has pitched and done so successfully in the playoffs. Darvish doesn’t have those qualifications just yet. He’s started six games in the playoffs with a 2-4 record and has an ERA of 5.81 while surrendering eight home runs and 17 earned runs. But all teams can see is that he struck out 25 batters in 26.1 innings over that span. Darvish has posted good numbers strikeout-wise in the postseason but other than that, he’s no better than any other pitcher on the Yankees staff.

The New York Yankees have every right to go after Yu Darvish, but for the price he’s asking, he’s not worth it. Cashman is smart to wait until the price drops because now, Darvish has lost his mind if he’s seeking a $100 million deal from any team.