Galaxy S9: Samsung’s New Phone Must Have Headphone Jack To Compete With iPhone X And iPhone 8 [Opinion]

Daryl Deino

As the Inquisitr reported last week, Samsung is getting ready to unveil the Samsung Galaxy S9 in February. Many rumors point at the S9 having thinner bezels (if that’s even possible), a dual-camera lens, a fingerprint reader that’s placed further away from the camera lens, and it will allegedly come in three versions. It looks like the Galaxy S9 will take most of its cues from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and that is certainly a good thing.

There were initial reports that Samsung would take away the headphone jack with the release of the new Galaxy S9. Trusted Reviews was one of the sites that claimed this.

“A more recent leak states that the S9 devices will follow the new trend that the iPhones and Pixel devices have picked up on: no headphone jack.”

The article adds that this may not be a big deal because these phones come with adapter dongles. But if you have used an adapter dongle, you know this is annoying and inconvenient. Apple caused a lot controversy when it decided to leave the headphone jack off the iPhone 7 in 2016. BGR wondered if the Cupertino-based company did a bad job of justifying their reasoning, while Mashable said Apple’s decision certainly wasn’t groundbreaking. The Verge claimed Apple was being downright hostile.

Audio Jack on iPhone
The iPhone 7 was the first smartphone to leave off the headphone jack. Featured image credit: Daryl Deino

“I am surrounded by wireless speaker systems. (I work at The Verge, after all.) And while they mostly work fine, sometimes they crackle out and fail. It sucks to share a wireless speaker among multiple devices. Bluetooth headphones require me to charge yet another battery,” said columnist Niley Patel, adding that one doesn’t understand the pain until they decide to use Bluetooth audio in a car instead of the regular audio jack.

Samsung was smart not to follow Apple in 2016 and 2017, and kept the headphone jack. This became a major advertising advantage for Samsung and an easy way to differentiate their phones from Apple’s. Besides separating themselves from Apple, Samsung absolutely made the right decision. While Bluetooth audio has improved over the years, it still doesn’t match the sound of wired audio. Most people won’t mind the small quality difference, but there are enough audiophiles out there who do. And Bluetooth connections aren’t always reliable, whereas wired connections work 100 percent of the time.

The people who celebrated Apple’s removal of the headphone jack incorrectly said that Apple would make the headphone jack irrelevant. It’s been two years, and the headphone jack is still as popular as ever. And that’s why it’s good news that some sources, such as PCMag, are reporting that the Galaxy S9 will likely retain the audio jack. Apparently, brand new photos of the S9, which show the headphone jack, have just been leaked. Let’s hope, for the sake of consumers, that the photos are reliable.