Beyonce And Ed Sheeran: Desperate Or Not, They Recorded A Fantastic Duet [Opinion]

Ronald MartinezGetty Images

When Beyonce was tagged onto Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect,” many criticized the move as desperation. Beyonce, who hasn’t had a No. 1 hit in several years, was the one criticized the most. As the Inquisitr reported a couple weeks back, Beyonce’s fans, known as the Beyhive, struck back and noted that it was Ed Sheeran’s idea, not Beyonce’s.

It turns out, at least according to Refinery29, the Beyhive was correct.

“I was like, ‘I love Beyoncé. Should I ask Beyoncé?’ And then in my head, I was like, ‘She’s going to say no,’ but then I was like, ‘Well, you might as well ask.’ And she said yeah, so here we are,” Sheeran, who was snubbed when it came time for Grammy nominations, is quoted as saying.

Beyonce’s addition on the song caused it to fly to No. 1 on the charts and become the 10th No. 1 song she is credited on. And it wasn’t just a one-week thing. As Billboard reports, “Perfect” is now No. 1 for a third week. The song remains at No. 1 on the Digital Song Sales chart and rises 55 percent in sales. The hit duet is also the top hit on the Streaming Songs chart.

Ed Sheeran needed Beyonce to get to No. 1. Featured image credit: Christopher PolkGetty Images

If the public considered the duet a fluke, Beyonce and Ed Sheeran’s duet would have still hit No. 1, but then drop right off. The fact is that the general music-buying public has embraced the duet. And they should. It’s true that Beyonce tries to insert herself everywhere these days, and she often fails. Take the flop duet “Walk on Water” with Eminem as an example — it spent one week in the top 20 and then bounced off. That’s because Beyonce sounded distant on it, and it’s obvious she did the duet for business reasons rather than artistic ones. But you can’t say the same thing about her work on “Perfect.”

The proof that Beyonce’s heart is in the right place is the fact that without her involvement, “Perfect” is just an above average song. Sheeran has a fantastic voice, but it is all over the place. It’s as if he is trying to hit every single key to make the song more appealing. It’s not even one of the better songs on his album Divide.

Then, there’s the duet. It starts off just average. However, when Beyonce comes in and starts singing, “Well, I found a man, stronger than anyone I know/He shares my dreams, I hope that someday we’ll share our home,” the duet soars.

Beyonce effortlessly sings her lines with meaning and warmth. When she stops singing and Sheeran continues, one wishes “Perfect” could be a solo Beyonce song.

So, go ahead Beyonce haters — complain all you want. Yes, we’ll probably hear Beyonce collaborate next year with Weird Al, Tony Bennett, and even the Chipmunks. But if she sounds as passionate as she does on “Perfect,” this wouldn’t be a bad thing.