Donald Trump Goes Golfing – Again – Just A Day After Saying It’s ‘Back To Work’ After The Holidays [Opinion]

Patrick Semansky, FileAP Images

Donald Trump has hit the golf course — again — just a day after he tweeted that it was “back to work” after the holidays.

As HuffPost reports, on Monday night (Christmas night), the president tweeted that it was “back to work to Make America Great Again (which is happening faster than anyone anticipated)!” Apparently, the president’s definition of “back to work” means “playing 18 holes,” as he’s been spotted hitting the links at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach Tuesday and today (Wednesday). In fact, he arrived at “work” both days bright and early, teeing off at 9 a.m.

Wednesday marks the 86th day of Trump’s presidency that he has spent golfing.

In fact, it seems that Trump has spent quite a bit of his presidency either golfing, vacationing, or otherwise hanging out at one of his Trump-branded properties. As Washington Post writer Philip Bump points out, his actions as president stand in sharp contrast to his campaign promise to spend his days at work, rather than at the golf course.

“I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf.”

Let’s see how that campaign promise panned out in real life. He was inaugurated on January 20 (a Friday), and by the end of February, Donald had spent all or part of 12 days of his presidency at Trump-branded properties, including Mar-a-Lago and a Trump hotel in Washington.

By the end of March, he had spent 19 days at Trump properties, playing golf on at least 11 of them.

And so on.

Now, nearly a full year into his presidency, the president’s numbers don’t exactly paint a picture of a hard-working man. As AOL News breaks it down, he’s spent about a third of his presidency at Trump-owned properties, about a quarter of his days as president likely spent golfing.

By comparison, Barack Obama, whom Trump once blasted for spending “too much time” on vacation, spent 328 days on vacation in eight years in office, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. That works out to about 11 percent of his presidency being spent on vacation.

George W. Bush, similarly, took 1,020 vacation days during his eight-year presidency; roughly 35 percent of his presidency was spent away from the White House.

Trump is expected to stay at Mar-a-Lago at least through New Year’s Day.