WWE Rumors: This ‘Royal Rumble 2018’ Match Finish Could Really Surprise Fans [Opinion]


With WWE’s Royal Rumble 2018 arriving in about a month, WWE rumors over who will win the 30-man match have continued to spawn fan theories. As of right now, there are three superstars who were already considered strong contenders to win the match, but a newer finish to the match could really shake things up. While WWE may decide to take the traditional approach with one of their bigger superstars, here’s how the match could play out in favor of creating a unique main event at WrestleMania 34.

In a recent entry at WWE Leaks, there is a “Bookie vs. Blogger” article that talks about potential finishes to the Royal Rumble match for the men. It’s mentioned that most people are looking at John Cena or Roman Reigns as the possible winner, with SmackDown Live’s Shinsuke Nakamura also potentially winning. A lot could depend on who is holding the championships ahead of WrestleMania. There has been speculation that Shinsuke could win the Rumble and go on to challenge AJ Styles in a dream match at Mania. There’s also the idea that John Cena wins and challenges either AJ Styles or someone else who wins the title ahead of Mania.

WWE duo Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens could be surprising dual winners of Royal Rumble depending on WWE's plan moving forward.Featured image credit: WWE

What about a unique finish with a few different superstars possibly winning? The key word here is “superstars” in the plural. For weeks and months, there has been a heavy focus on the duo of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn on SmackDown Live. They’ve been on the outs with Commissioner Shane McMahon and involved in several high profile situations lately with Shane trying to get rid of them. Most recently, Shane oversaw Kevin Owens taking on AJ Styles in the main event non-title match. Shane ordered Zayn to be tossed from ringside, and the commotion cost Styles the victory.

A Royal Rumble 2018 match finish that could be controversial and different would involve the match coming down to the pair of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, along with a third competitor. The two “buddies” could eliminate the other superstar leaving it just them. From there, they could selfishly try to toss one another out and both happen to land at the same time. In another scenario, they could both simply exit the ring and drop to the floor at the same time.

It would be the first time that the Rumble had two winners emerge from the match, as previously there was a double-finish with Bret Hart and Lex Luger both winning the 1994 match. That could set up a possible Triple Threat match involving Owens vs. Zayn vs. Styles for the title at WrestleMania 34.

Jason Powell of ProWrestling.net believes that this Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship could come even sooner, though. Powell recently speculated that the match could be booked by Shane McMahon as a way to show the heel duo that selfishness “will be their downfall.” There are also rumors already floating around that the 2018 WWE Fastlane main event will be a Fatal 5-Way with Styles defending the title against Owens, Zayn, Nakamura, and Randy Orton.

Based on all of that, it continues to look like WWE is going to stay with one of their top stars, either Cena or Reigns, to claim this year’s Rumble. With the pay-per-view in Philadelphia, that could really cause some controversy with Reigns winning, so that makes Cena the safer bet. Still, fans would probably love to see something different for a change.