UFO Sightings: The Secret Pentagon UFO Classified Aircraft That Mimic Alien Technology [Opinion]


The recent disclosure of UFO sightings revealing aircraft with extraordinary capabilities, more advanced than what any human race possesses, has brought about numerous conspiracy theories. According to Luis Elizondo, a former Pentagon UFO official who once headed the Advanced Threat Identification Program (AATIP), there is a lot of evidence suggesting that we may not be alone. He revealed this while on an interview with CNN. The program, which ended in 2012, had been going on for five years and was classified. It was apparently set up to identify UFOs through a national security perspective.

That said, he was careful to point out that UFOs don’t necessarily mean aliens, but just that – Unidentified Flying Objects. Eliminating this aspect alone gives way to more logical theories that are in many ways closer to reality. One of those is that advanced technologies used by the United States and countries such as Russia may be what witnesses have unknowingly encountered. Russia and the United States have kept many of their best technologies away from each other, and in instances when ordinary citizens have encountered some of them, they would only perceive aircraft utilizing them to be UFOs.

Area 51 for example, has an exceptionally high number of UFO sightings. The facility is used to test highly classified weapons and advanced experimental systems. With many of the projects undertaken here being top secret, it makes sense that testing of prototypes is in many cases undertaken at night for low observability. As such, it is logical to classify many of the UFOs observed here to be military aircraft.

The TR-3B triangular shaped nuclear–powered aircraft, for example, has many similarities to what many UFO witnesses have reported. This is mainly because of their high maneuverability and speed. The flying vessels started operations in the early 90s and mainly used for reconnaissance. According to a 2010 CNN report, each cost over a billion dollars.


They feature a radar stimulation electric coating that effectively absorbs radar and can also change color. Moreover, they have “A circular, plasma filled accelerator ring called the Magnetic Field Disrupter, [which] surrounds the rotatable crew compartment and is far ahead of any imaginable technology.” The antigravity technology they possess, for example, makes them about 89 percent lighter than other aircraft and enables them to outperform any in existence.

The vessels were allegedly created through reverse engineering Mode Field Diameter technology. Other military powers such as Russia may have their own versions of these technologies and, of course, when one nation encounters another’s, there are bound to be speculations as to what these highly maneuverable vessels actually are.