Why El Mencho Is ‘Feared’ By Mexican Authorities [Opinion]

Ruben Oseguera Cervantes aka El Mencho is one of the most sought after drug lords in Mexico by both the U.S. and Mexican authorities. Currently said to be the most powerful drug lord in the country, he is also believed to have a few thousand men under his command, with their roles ranging from mules to hit men.

Just recently, his name hit the headlines following the murder of Mexican social media celebrity El Pirata de Culiacan, whose real name is Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales. This was after a video surfaced of the YouTube star insulting the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) drug lord. That said, the Mexican authorities have yet to confirm the link between his death and the cartel leader.

The Mexican Authorities Vs El Mencho

Mexican authorities have always had a problem when it comes to capturing dominant drug lords. And in the case of the CJNG leader, they are still likely to be more cautious when attempting to initiate his capture. This is because of his history of violence against those who pursue him and advanced military- style evasive strategies.

In 2015, an attempt by the Mexican authorities to capture him led to an almost complete shutdown of roads in the state of Jalisco by his henchmen. More than two dozen roadblocks were set up in the wake of the offensive. About 36 vehicles were set on fire to create the roadblocks. Petro stations and buildings were also razed.

Most of them were set up in Guadalajara, according to Insight Crime. His men also downed a police helicopter using Rocket Propelled Grenades leading to the death of about 18 officers. The unprecedented response was able to throw off the authorities. His cartel had just a month earlier attacked a police convoy with grenade launchers and assault rifles as retaliation for the death of Heriberto Acevedo Cardenas, alias “El Gringo,” who was one of its leaders.

That said retaliatory attacks against the authorities are the organization’s signature trend. Just recently, a cooler with heads was left outside Televisa offices in Guadalajara, signed CJNG. It contained a message to a high ranking police official in Jalisco. The message read in part, “You know the deals are fulfilled or would you like [me] to remind you why you are in this role and who put you there.” This is according to Newsweek.