Those Evil People Who Are Out To Destroy Donald Trump Jr. [Opinion]

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With all of the attention being focused on the untiring efforts of the deep state to undermine our president, it is easy to forget how much his family is suffering.

Thankfully, as long as Donald Trump, Jr. has the strength to open his mouth and whine about his troubles, the first family’s plight is never far from our minds.

The first son (and if he is the first, please save us from the last) took his “Why’s Everybody Always Picking On Me” tour on the road to West Palm Beach, Florida, on Tuesday night, where he brushed aside his fears of shadow bureaucrats who are out to get him to tell his story at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit, a speech that was first noted by CNN.

He confided to the adoring young conservatives that the deep state is lurking around every corner, “people at the highest levels of government that don’t want to let America be America.”

It is not just words Trump Jr. said as the audience hung on his every utterance. Because he tried to help his father, because he did his duty as any American citizen who had a chance to have a meeting with a Russian who claims to have the dirt on Hillary Clinton would, he was put through hours of torture by those who are out to get him.

Trump told of his interrogation at the hands of the House Intelligence Committee. Although they did not slap the 39-year-old holder of his father’s blind trust around, shine bright lights in his face for hours, or stick bamboo chutes under his fingernails, they did something far, far worse.

They asked him questions.

The Democrats on the committee grilled him mercilessly about a meeting that lasted only a few minutes (and failed to get him any dirt on Hillary). They tried to get him to say what he told his father after the meeting became public knowledge and they were trying to compose a response.

Fortunately, he remembered father-son privilege and that there was also an attorney present.

The Republicans on the committee weren’t any better.

They kept asking Trump Jr. if he needed his drink refreshed.

The president’s oldest revealed to the young conservatives the secret of what is happening to the United States and why the deep state has taken aim at him.

It’s a “rigged system,” he confided, giving them a few moments to absorb the shocking news that the older Donald Trump was right all along.

“It is and you’ve seen it,” Trump Jr. said.

Just in case any skeptics remained in the crowd, he provided the evidence to prove his conspiracy theory.

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Trump Jr. asked the crowd to imagine what would have happened in 2008 if someone had tried to show that Barack Obama’s election was not legitimate.

The young conservatives racked their brains trying to envision such a thing.

Once he was sure they were on the same wavelength, young Trump delivered the telling blow. If that had happened, the fake media would have been all over the news like a Trump on a birther theory, he said, though he neglected to use that simile.

When Donald Trump Jr. concluded his speech, he received rapturous applause, and as he left the summit, he looked left and then right, surveying the scene cautiously. After all, you can’t be too careful.

The deep state is everywhere.